Friday, December 9, 2011

Five More Days!

Sister Maria C Dodge

Yup, our beautiful Missionary comes home in '5' days. I am so excited. I just want to sit by her and have her talk, laugh, sing, talk, laugh, sing! There is so much to talk about and do together. But mostly I just want to hug her long and tight.

The preparations have been a little stressful, and it's been hard NOT to make everyone around me cray, cray, crayzzzeeee in the process. AS things stand right now there are a few things that HAVE to get finished...but other than those...everything else I know will fall into place. Can I help it if I want her homecoming to be PERF?

Meanwhile we are being blessed with a visit from Elder Russell M Nelson from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles this Sunday at our very own Stake Conference. Cassi and I are singing in the choir so we will be up close and personal with him. I have been listening to his Conference messages in preparation for hearing him & I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. What a cool way to get grounded, focused, and put things in their proper perspective before the flurry of Kristi's homecoming? It's a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. He knows me so well.

Elder Russell M Nelson

I'm also really, REALLY excited that my Dad is coming and bringing a couple of my darling nieces. That makes me so happy. Kristi will be so pleased. They come in on her Birthday (the 15th). Yay!

My Dad= Best Dad- Moe Beaujeu

OK- Just a reminder: Kristi will be reporting on her Mission in the Carrollton 4th Ward on Dec 18th at 1pm. If you need directions or more info please contact me. She will also be singing with her sister Cassi. They haven't been able to sing together for a very long time and I am thrilled to hear them.

We are also having a get-together so people can touch base with Kristi & re-connect, share contact info, plan fun things, etc on the evening of the 18th at our home, from 7-9pm. Come on by.

One Happy Missionary Momma

Monday, December 5, 2011

She's Almost Home!

Hi Everyone!

Well, Kristi comes home in ‘9’ days…and counting. I already have ‘Christmas Eve’-syndrome, where I cannot sleep more than a couple of hours before opening an eye to look at the clock and see what time it is so I can check off another day. Do all Missionary Moms do this? J

Here is the information you may be interested in:

Kristi arrives home on Dec the 14th. Whehoo! (Doing Steve Martin's Happy Dance)

 Birthday is Dec 15th but she has requested no party. J I believe we usually call December ‘Kristi Month’ anyways so what-evs. Fun WILL be had.

She reports on her Mission in the Carrollton 4th Ward Dec 18th at . The address there is
4000 Nazarene Rd, Carrollton, TX 75010
. ALL are invited to attend. She will also be singing with her younger sister Cassi, 'O Holy Night'. What a treat. Please come.

Then that evening at our home we are hosting a little get-together for her from . You ALL are invited. It's a very casual come & go as-you-please event that will help everyone come touch base, trade contact info, and enjoy each other after her long absence. For our address & phone number please email me at -or- leave me a comment here and I will get in touch with you.

This is such a wonderful, joyous time of year, and to have our Missionary come home is just overwhelming. My heart is full to over-flowing. Please come and share our joy. Hope to see you.

Jerry & Sandi Dodge

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Missionary- Sister Dodge

Our beautiful daughter, Sister Maria Dodge

Sister Dodge, and Sister Mecklenburg
(Please forgive me, I misplaced this young lady's
name. I will find out and post it as soon as I can.
I so wanted for you to share the joy)

Taylor F, Sister Dodge, & Carmen in Deep Run, NC.
Before the last transfer of her Mission.

It has been such an amazing blessing to have a Missionary serving the Lord from our family. We recieved a letter from her Mission President this last Friday telling us that it has been such a pleasure to work with her. That she will be released with honor on Dec 14th, 2011. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to laying eyes on her again, and holding her in my arms. Here are a few of her latest photos:

Sister Bateman and Sister Dodge in Dunn, NC.

Zone Conference (Sis Dodge is at Top Left)
Elder & Sis Jensen (lime) (Cntr) visiting Gen. Auth.
sitting next to President & Sis Cotterell.

The Sister Missionaries of the North Carolina
Raleigh Mission. There is Sis Thurston (purple), then Sis
Dodge, Sis Bateman, ?, Sis Gallego, ?,?, Sister Dean
(brown sweater 2nd from end on rt) Beautiful women.
On the last transfer of her Mission, she was placed
with precious Sis Gallego.

If you'll remember Sister Gallego was the first Missionary Sister Dodge trained fresh out of the MTC. Can you see the joy on these two Missionaries faces? What a blessing.

Well, so much is happening and time is passing quickly. Only 22 more days until her flight lands at DFW. She will report on her Mission in the Carrollton 4th Ward on Dec 18th at 1:00pm. Come if you can make it. If you need further information or instruction just let me know. Email (, FB, text, twitter @Sjdodge6, leave a comment here, or call me. :) If you cannot get ahold of me....well....bless your heart. ;)

Missionary Momma D

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A gift for Cindy

This is Dennis & Cindy L (my BIL & Sister).

This past year I went down to my sister's little farm in Levan, UT. It's awesome there. They have the coolest little place. AND they have chickens. I love chickens. Me and my brother-in-law went out with our lawn chairs & he let them out and we sat and watched them cluck around their pen, and the yard. Such well behaved chickens. :)

So aren't they great? In this pic they were still little.
They are much prettier now. But still so cute!

Anyways, I'd been wanting to make my sister something for her house for a while, so I kinda thought I'd try to find something about chickens. I didn't have much luck. I didn't want old mauve and blue chickens from the 80's LOL. I was happy when I came across this idea instead. No, not chickens...a TURKEY! Thanksgiving was coming.  Also, out in the area where they live there are a LOT of turkey farms. It has been great fun when we'd get a fresh turkey to cook from one of the farms there. Another thing I liked about the picture I found was that it had Dresden Points & I love those because they remind me of my Grandmother and I'd never tried to make them so I was excited to learn & try them out.

This is the image I found via google.
No pattern...just this 2x3" picture.

I enlarged the tiny picture on my printer & started planning. Ya gotta love technology. I decided to make Cindy and I both one so I could think of her when it hangs in my house & she could think of me. (We live about 1300 miles from each other). I do that alot. Remember I did that with the wall hanging I made for my Dad and Marilyn? :)

First I had to figure out how I wanted the lay-out.
I decided to frame it so it would look more 
framed when it was finished. 

Then I went looking at fabric shops for the background material. I needed something that looked like grass or weeds. Something that looked like turkeys would dig hanging out in. I scored this fabric at Quilt Country in Lewisville. Perf.

I also had been looking far and wide for a fabric that looked like wood. Cassi & Jered had even gone to fabric stores with me searching for 'wood' material, and believe me when I tell you we found some that looked kinda like wood. But I knew what I wanted and I also knew I'd find some...somewhere. I scored that too. Check out the wood fabric of the fence. Great right? This project was starting out fun for me. :)

Next I began choosing the fabrics for the
turkey tails and started making my very
1st Dresden Points. Here I am using a cool
tool I have to make points nice, and pointy.

Look at these fun fall fabrics for the turkey tails.
Applying the feathers to the fabric. Fun!

I have a cool little ironing board and
Iron that sit beside where I sew.

The board is about 13" square that sits by me in my work area. That way when I am piecing I don't have to jump up to my big ironing board for every little crease. Here is also a shot of my mini Rowenta iron. They are spiffy to have. :) Yay for my 40% off JoAnn's coupons! I think the iron I got for 50% off. Oh I do love a bargain.

Here both wall hangings are pinned to the
backs and batting. I am ready to machine
quilt & blanket stitch around the applique. 

BUT- now I notice a problem. I'm looking at my cute little turkeys and something just is NOT right. I stare, and stare, and I keep looking at that turkey's duck feet. I say to myself...those don't look like turkey feet! They look like DUCK feet. Oh NO! So...I couldn't leave it like that. And I was READY to sew. Who would notice...right? Who would care...right? I WOULD. So...I started undoing the pins & taking apart both wall hangings. I took out a pencil & paper and started sketching turkey feet. When I finally sketched the ones I liked I found the fabric & made the changes. NOW I was ready to sew. See what you think...
This was much more turkey-like. T or F?

Here it is ready to send to Cindy.
I had ordered the hanger for it from a friend.
I found this incredibly 'wow' fabric for
the binding. It's a Moda fabric. My fave.

I got a call from Cindy today. She got it and really likes it. She even sent me a text picture of it on her wall.
She said: "Sorry that big ole dehydrator
is in the pic, but there it is! I LOVE it!

Then I sent her this picture of mine which I have in
my little mini-quilt stand sitting on my fireplace.

No, Cindy and I won't be together
for Thanksgiving this year. But I think
we'll be thnking of each other.
I know we will.

 I think ole Tom would be proud.

I love you Cindy. And I love my Jerry & each one of my children for a million reasons. I am so thankful to have Kristi out serving a Mission in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission. We got the letter from her Mission President today saying how wonderful she's been to serve with & that he will release her with honor on Dec 14th. She will fly into DFW at 12:50pm. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and the foundation it is to us all if we let it. I'm grateful for my Dad & Marilyn, and for my little Brother (Jeff) & Sister (Shannon) & their darling families. For each of my In-laws and all my incredible nieces and nephews whom I adore, and all their beautiful little precious babies. You are each such a blessing in my life. Aunts, Uncles & cousins. Oh, how richly I've been blessed. Love to you all., and Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Heard You Passed (Poem)

My Aunt Lorna Atwood (my Mom's sister)
(24 Mar, 1932- 12 Oct, 2011)

I heard you passed.

I heard you passed the other day
A frog jumped in my throat
Sadness, tears & some regret
Of the letters left un-wrote.

But then a tender feeling
Came into my heart
I’m sure you know I love you
That much I did impart.

There are no worries in heaven
Loved ones there to greet
Who have missed you sorely
The reunions must be sweet.

So don’t you worry about a thing
We’ll help each other through
The days and weeks ahead of us
As we live here without you.

I think that absence is a lesson
That Father would have us learn
We have to taste of loneliness,
For togetherness us to yearn.

Next time I get to see your face
We’ll have to part no more
and we will live for-ever
Upon that blissful shore.

By- Sandra Beaujeu Dodge
Uncle Frank, Aunt Jeanine, Aunt Lorna & Jennifer Bird
1995 Family Reunion in Stirling, Alberta, Canada
Fun times.

I love you Aunt Lorna!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dear Child Of Ours (poem)

When you were just a little child
I’d pick you up from school
And I could tell by one good look
The day had been a gruel.

The callous words of others
Would wound your tender heart
Relieved that I am with you now
My love to you impart.

I’d see the color drained from your face
As backpack hit the floor,
I knew that you were very glad
To be home and close the door.

Home is a place of comfort
Where kind words are the norm
And there is strength and safety
From every childhood storm.

I’d whisper silent prayers first
For words to ease your pain
And for the love that I possessed
to wash o'er you like soaking rain.

At last you’d share your stories
I’d commiserate with you
And try with words to make a balm,
to heal your soul anew.

I’m not sure we can understand
The reasons or the whys,
Of someone’s cruelty to others
Or the cause to make them cry.

I wish that I could keep you here
And shelter out the world
But I know that’s not your destiny
You’re a daughter of the Lord.

I’m not to keep you in our home
Or tuck you under wing
I know that you are strong enough
You’re a daughter of the King.

He knows the strength within you
And saved you for the last
Satan’s no power o'er you
From Deity you were cast.

So lift your chin my little child
And lift your voice in praise
A sound of great rejoicing
are the noises that we’ll raise.

Tip the corners of your lips
Way up towards the skies
And be glad that you are finally home
Where the Spirit can reside.

By- Sandra Joy Dodge
Grandma Beaujeu, Daddy, Cami, Kristi, Cassi
and Momma in Jackson Hole, WY 1995.
This picture was taken just a few short months
before our Jered joined us too. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conference Preparation (poem)

Salt Lake City Conference Center


As Conference days approached us,
My thoughts were turned to Thee.
I read my Conference Ensign
And spend time upon my knees.

With great anticipation
I await those messages clear
So I may recieve directions
that Thou wouldst have me hear.

I pray my heart will open,
to know what I should do.
For repentance that is needed
To bring me close to You.

I know that application,
and correction must be done.
To be more like my Savior,
Not 'to-do'...but to 'become'.

-By- Sandi Dodge
Pres. Henry B Eyring, Pres Thomas S Monson,
Pres. Deiter F Uchtdorf

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moms Laugh (poem)

I heard a great joke the other day
I wanted to tell to you.
With hilarious characters and anecdotes
replete with humor too.

I thought of how your head'd tip back
and tears would fill your eyes.
Through gasps you'd beg for us to stop
to spare your aching sides.

No, no-one laughs like Mother would.
We loved to tell her more
We'd hop on one leg and flap fake wings
Until our cheeks were sore.

How I miss those moments spent
with her happy presence here.
But, oh the joy those memories bring
Of Mom laughing, Oh, so dear.

By- Sandra Dodge

Our beautiful Mother...Marlene Beaujeu

Friday, September 16, 2011

Moe & Marilyn in St George

My Dad & Marilyn Text'd me pictures of them with the wall hanging I made for them in their new home in St. George.
Here is Marilyn Beaujeu in her new
or should I say...additional home. ;)
Standing by where she hung her wall hanging.

Here is my Dad. Handsome guy isn't he?

I love their new digs in St. George and I'm glad my gift works out with the color scheme & decor. I cannot wait to come for a visit.

Love you guys!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Seasonal Mini-Quilts.

I have finished a few more of my 'little' quilts (Or, Mini-Quilt=MQ). I also took a picture of the stand that I purchased so you could see where they will be displayed in my house.
Here is the stand sitting up on my fireplace
mantle. The small quilts are a perfect fit.
See the top ornamental iron? It is 'flip-flops'.
I just put up my September quilt. And...

The top is accorns and a leaf. :)
It's changeable to match the season!
I'll post each month and show you the
CUTE toppers.

This view kinda gives a bit more proportion.

This MQ is for May.

This is for June. I am SO sorry the picture
quality is so bad. You cannot see the
little polka dots on the strawberry, nor
the great detail I embroidered on the leaves.
Also, I took this pic with the MQ laying
on my leather couch between seat cushions
so there is a 'dip'. It makes my MQ look all
scaddy-wompous. It is perfectly 12x14". ;)

Here is another Holloween MQ I finished.

This one's for November but It's kinda on
the plain side.

I found a darling pattern that has a turkey that has a dresden plate fan for the turkey tail that is yummy. So I may make another one for November. Again, in this pic you cannot see the ridges in the pumpkins. I am looking for a cute pattern for Easter, and Valentines Day. Christmas is an easy theme to find TONS of darling patterns. Thats the rub...I need to choose one or two and get busy making my Christmas mini's. :)

You know- I'll squeel on myself a little here. When I started quilting several years ago the scariest part for me was the binding of a quilt. I would put it off for months. So one of the reasons I chose to do all of these seasonal MQ's is because I knew I was going to have to back & bind every last one of them. Look at all those CORNERS (ok...don't look THAT close! Ha!) This project demanded that I stretch my skills, and do them over, and over again. I have done research, and taken many tutorials on the best ways to bind a quilt. I think in doing these I have found my favorite way. I tried to do some of the fancy short cuts...but short cuts don't mean better...sometimes they mean...lazy. Ok, I said it. So I'm NOT taking the lazy route. All my bindings are double bound (2 layers of material instead of 1) so the edges can take the wear & tear. I also have learned the best way to miter a I love learning, couple that with creativity and I'm on it like ugly on an ape. ;)

I am happiest when my hands are busy. Happy quilting everyone!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Gift for the NewlyWeds.

When I attended the wedding of my Dad & Marilyn in February I went home with the thought that I should make something for them. I knew they were trying to make a home together so I naturally thought I'd make something fun for their home. I decided on a Fall Wall Hanging since I knew it may take me a while. But I cannot just do things little...I seem to have an innate ability to complicate things. LOL. So as I began cutting the fabric I decided to make me one too. That turned into 4. But NOT 5...5 was just too many. LOL.

Here is the picture from the pattern book
Art to Heart by- Nancy Halvorsen.
She did a flip & finish. I quilted & bound mine.

I love to choose the fabrics.

Since I was doing 4 I did the pieces assembly style.

The little grape square called for purple
buttons as some of the grapes. So cute!

Applique is way fun.

Beginning assembly & adding sashing.

I love the added handmade feel of embroidery work.
The original pattern had 2 white angels. Nahhh.

Coming together nicely.

Backing, quilting & binding. So fun. :)

Finished! All 4. Right on time for fall.
These are the 2 styles I made. A tad different.
This one is mine...hanging on my wall.

I thought it would be fun and unifying to have something alike hanging in our homes. I heard from Dad & Marilyn that they really like theirs and have it hanging already. Me too. :) I'm so glad Marilyn's in our family. She's just great. I hope it brings them as much happiness as I had thinking of them while making it. The other two I put away for 'someday' for my girls. I know I need to make another one. Maybe next fall...and definately not 4. ;)