Friday, April 1, 2011

Cassi is singing at General Conference

Cassi in her dorm March 2011

There have been some amazing blessings as we have watched Cassi leave home and begin attending school in Rexburg Idaho at the Brigham Young University- Idaho campus. The campus is so beautiful and albeit cold and snowy since she arrived to start school in January...she doesn't complain. The campus is beautiful.

Taylor Quad BYUI campus. Notice the close proximity
of the Rexburg Temple in the background. Cassi lives in
a dorm between this building and the Temple.

I guess you could say the pro's out-weigh the con's by a huge amount. She has been having so many possitive experiences that, although I miss her VERY much...I wouldn't have her be anywhere else because of them. Let me share a few:

Cassi is in a Heber J. Grant program at BYUI and her mentor called her one day and told her she needed her to come to a special meeting that night. Cassi said she had a full schedule and had other meetings to go to that night but that she would 'try' to come. Her mentor said, you NEED to be there. Trust will be glad you did! So, Cassi felt like she needed to go ahead and go to this meeting. It was in a High Counsel-type room in one of the buildings. A small setting in which only about 15 or 16 kids showed up and surrounded a large conference-type table. In walked President Henry J Eyring (Eldest son of President Henry B Eyring) and taught them for over an hour about Mission Prep. There were only 4 guys there...the rest were girls. She had an incredible experience in that meeting with him and felt another confirmation that she would certainly serve a Mission herself. She called us on a run for her next meeting and was so happy, uplifted, inspired, and encouraged.

Another special time Cassi shared was when she got out of a musical rehearsal for BYU-I's presentation of the Musical Fireside of Savior Of The World. She called, again, while running across campus and wanted to share with us the amazing practice she had just been in. She said the music is so beautiful and the Spirit is so strong that it is difficult not to weep while we fact many of the students do. She expressed that she wished we could be there. The night of the performance (March 25th) Cassi said there were about 14,000 people in attendance. A friend of hers from our Ward back home in Texas (Jace Voracek) said it was the best live performance he has ever seen in his life.

BYUI Center

One of the things she also loves about BYUI is that they pray before each class. The invitation of the Spirit and the acknowledgment of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ in the learning process is a natural and wonderful thing. The access to the Spirit to help the students learn, retain, and recall information is enhanced because they have invited Him to be a part of their classes.

When Cassi first got to BYUI even though she knows she wants to be a Dr...and her major is in biology she knew she needed to continue to be a part of music in some way. So she had scheduled an audition when we first got to Rexburg. She made it into the BYUI Women's Choir. They have combined with the other top choirs at BYUI and they have been asked to sing in the Afternoon Session of General Conference. That is the 2pm Session in Utah. So set your Tivo's and be sure to watch for Cassi. She is wearing a PINK shirt.

The Conference Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake City

This is a better view of what it will be like for her.
Can you imagine singing in such close proximity to the
Prophet (Thomas S Monson) and the Lord's Apostles?

Pres. Henry B Eyring, Pres. Thomas S Monson,
& Pres. Dieter F Uchtdorf

Who wouldn't be thrilled to have their daughter not only in attendance (of General Conference)...but singing in that great edifice for such an incredible audience...for the Lord. Please watch if you can and let us know what you think.

Cassi Dodge- Graduation 2010 Pic.

If you ask us how Cassi is liking BYUI, or Jerry and me, how we are doing without our sweetheart at home...the question at this point is overwhelming because my heart is so full....there is no way to explain how exhilarating it is to have our daughter there in Idaho having these amazing experiences. We feel so grateful and so blessed.

Much Love
~Momma Dodge

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  1. Wow! I am so excited for Cassie and for your whole family! Even just reading about her experiences fills my heart will joy. I will excitedly look for Cassie in this afternoons session. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

    Also, this is such a wonderful blog spot. You have done an outstanding job putting this all together, providing more light in our often dark world. Thank you! Pam Moore