Saturday, November 19, 2011

A gift for Cindy

This is Dennis & Cindy L (my BIL & Sister).

This past year I went down to my sister's little farm in Levan, UT. It's awesome there. They have the coolest little place. AND they have chickens. I love chickens. Me and my brother-in-law went out with our lawn chairs & he let them out and we sat and watched them cluck around their pen, and the yard. Such well behaved chickens. :)

So aren't they great? In this pic they were still little.
They are much prettier now. But still so cute!

Anyways, I'd been wanting to make my sister something for her house for a while, so I kinda thought I'd try to find something about chickens. I didn't have much luck. I didn't want old mauve and blue chickens from the 80's LOL. I was happy when I came across this idea instead. No, not chickens...a TURKEY! Thanksgiving was coming.  Also, out in the area where they live there are a LOT of turkey farms. It has been great fun when we'd get a fresh turkey to cook from one of the farms there. Another thing I liked about the picture I found was that it had Dresden Points & I love those because they remind me of my Grandmother and I'd never tried to make them so I was excited to learn & try them out.

This is the image I found via google.
No pattern...just this 2x3" picture.

I enlarged the tiny picture on my printer & started planning. Ya gotta love technology. I decided to make Cindy and I both one so I could think of her when it hangs in my house & she could think of me. (We live about 1300 miles from each other). I do that alot. Remember I did that with the wall hanging I made for my Dad and Marilyn? :)

First I had to figure out how I wanted the lay-out.
I decided to frame it so it would look more 
framed when it was finished. 

Then I went looking at fabric shops for the background material. I needed something that looked like grass or weeds. Something that looked like turkeys would dig hanging out in. I scored this fabric at Quilt Country in Lewisville. Perf.

I also had been looking far and wide for a fabric that looked like wood. Cassi & Jered had even gone to fabric stores with me searching for 'wood' material, and believe me when I tell you we found some that looked kinda like wood. But I knew what I wanted and I also knew I'd find some...somewhere. I scored that too. Check out the wood fabric of the fence. Great right? This project was starting out fun for me. :)

Next I began choosing the fabrics for the
turkey tails and started making my very
1st Dresden Points. Here I am using a cool
tool I have to make points nice, and pointy.

Look at these fun fall fabrics for the turkey tails.
Applying the feathers to the fabric. Fun!

I have a cool little ironing board and
Iron that sit beside where I sew.

The board is about 13" square that sits by me in my work area. That way when I am piecing I don't have to jump up to my big ironing board for every little crease. Here is also a shot of my mini Rowenta iron. They are spiffy to have. :) Yay for my 40% off JoAnn's coupons! I think the iron I got for 50% off. Oh I do love a bargain.

Here both wall hangings are pinned to the
backs and batting. I am ready to machine
quilt & blanket stitch around the applique. 

BUT- now I notice a problem. I'm looking at my cute little turkeys and something just is NOT right. I stare, and stare, and I keep looking at that turkey's duck feet. I say to myself...those don't look like turkey feet! They look like DUCK feet. Oh NO! So...I couldn't leave it like that. And I was READY to sew. Who would notice...right? Who would care...right? I WOULD. So...I started undoing the pins & taking apart both wall hangings. I took out a pencil & paper and started sketching turkey feet. When I finally sketched the ones I liked I found the fabric & made the changes. NOW I was ready to sew. See what you think...
This was much more turkey-like. T or F?

Here it is ready to send to Cindy.
I had ordered the hanger for it from a friend.
I found this incredibly 'wow' fabric for
the binding. It's a Moda fabric. My fave.

I got a call from Cindy today. She got it and really likes it. She even sent me a text picture of it on her wall.
She said: "Sorry that big ole dehydrator
is in the pic, but there it is! I LOVE it!

Then I sent her this picture of mine which I have in
my little mini-quilt stand sitting on my fireplace.

No, Cindy and I won't be together
for Thanksgiving this year. But I think
we'll be thnking of each other.
I know we will.

 I think ole Tom would be proud.

I love you Cindy. And I love my Jerry & each one of my children for a million reasons. I am so thankful to have Kristi out serving a Mission in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission. We got the letter from her Mission President today saying how wonderful she's been to serve with & that he will release her with honor on Dec 14th. She will fly into DFW at 12:50pm. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and the foundation it is to us all if we let it. I'm grateful for my Dad & Marilyn, and for my little Brother (Jeff) & Sister (Shannon) & their darling families. For each of my In-laws and all my incredible nieces and nephews whom I adore, and all their beautiful little precious babies. You are each such a blessing in my life. Aunts, Uncles & cousins. Oh, how richly I've been blessed. Love to you all., and Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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