Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Heard You Passed (Poem)

My Aunt Lorna Atwood (my Mom's sister)
(24 Mar, 1932- 12 Oct, 2011)

I heard you passed.

I heard you passed the other day
A frog jumped in my throat
Sadness, tears & some regret
Of the letters left un-wrote.

But then a tender feeling
Came into my heart
I’m sure you know I love you
That much I did impart.

There are no worries in heaven
Loved ones there to greet
Who have missed you sorely
The reunions must be sweet.

So don’t you worry about a thing
We’ll help each other through
The days and weeks ahead of us
As we live here without you.

I think that absence is a lesson
That Father would have us learn
We have to taste of loneliness,
For togetherness us to yearn.

Next time I get to see your face
We’ll have to part no more
and we will live for-ever
Upon that blissful shore.

By- Sandra Beaujeu Dodge
Uncle Frank, Aunt Jeanine, Aunt Lorna & Jennifer Bird
1995 Family Reunion in Stirling, Alberta, Canada
Fun times.

I love you Aunt Lorna!

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