Monday, September 12, 2011

Seasonal Mini-Quilts.

I have finished a few more of my 'little' quilts (Or, Mini-Quilt=MQ). I also took a picture of the stand that I purchased so you could see where they will be displayed in my house.
Here is the stand sitting up on my fireplace
mantle. The small quilts are a perfect fit.
See the top ornamental iron? It is 'flip-flops'.
I just put up my September quilt. And...

The top is accorns and a leaf. :)
It's changeable to match the season!
I'll post each month and show you the
CUTE toppers.

This view kinda gives a bit more proportion.

This MQ is for May.

This is for June. I am SO sorry the picture
quality is so bad. You cannot see the
little polka dots on the strawberry, nor
the great detail I embroidered on the leaves.
Also, I took this pic with the MQ laying
on my leather couch between seat cushions
so there is a 'dip'. It makes my MQ look all
scaddy-wompous. It is perfectly 12x14". ;)

Here is another Holloween MQ I finished.

This one's for November but It's kinda on
the plain side.

I found a darling pattern that has a turkey that has a dresden plate fan for the turkey tail that is yummy. So I may make another one for November. Again, in this pic you cannot see the ridges in the pumpkins. I am looking for a cute pattern for Easter, and Valentines Day. Christmas is an easy theme to find TONS of darling patterns. Thats the rub...I need to choose one or two and get busy making my Christmas mini's. :)

You know- I'll squeel on myself a little here. When I started quilting several years ago the scariest part for me was the binding of a quilt. I would put it off for months. So one of the reasons I chose to do all of these seasonal MQ's is because I knew I was going to have to back & bind every last one of them. Look at all those CORNERS (ok...don't look THAT close! Ha!) This project demanded that I stretch my skills, and do them over, and over again. I have done research, and taken many tutorials on the best ways to bind a quilt. I think in doing these I have found my favorite way. I tried to do some of the fancy short cuts...but short cuts don't mean better...sometimes they mean...lazy. Ok, I said it. So I'm NOT taking the lazy route. All my bindings are double bound (2 layers of material instead of 1) so the edges can take the wear & tear. I also have learned the best way to miter a I love learning, couple that with creativity and I'm on it like ugly on an ape. ;)

I am happiest when my hands are busy. Happy quilting everyone!


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