Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Important Wedding Quilt

My little sister was getting married. This was exciting news for our whole family, beyond exciting actually since she had been through so much in her 10 plus years as a single Mother of four. So when she finally found her 'Ricky' we knew he must be special.

Yup- Rick and Shannon are SPECIAL all right. :)

Once the wedding plans began she was like a kid in a candy store and had so many fun ideas. One idea was that she make a 'Wedding Quilt' for her guests to sign at the reception. The picture she sent to me was horrid, and plain, and boring. I knew after looking at it that a challenge was before me.

I so wanted her to be happy but I needed to tell my little sister that the quilt she chose was ugly. We have always been super close so I just plunged ahead and spoke my mind. I told her she could pick a good quality fabric line (because cheappo fabric is a whippin to work with) but I would choose the pattern. Since this would be my first wedding quilt, I had to admit (to myself) that I was a little afraid of choosing a pattern that was too expert for me to tackle in a few months. As it was, I only had a few months. I had NEVER done a quilt like the one in my head in only a few months. But... we are talking about my baby sister here. Hahaha.

Challenge accepted. It was April 2013 the wedding was scheduled for 03 Aug, 2014.

One of the 'idea' pictures she sent to me. Oy.
Shannon picked this  fabric originally.
 I ordered it via the internet, and when it arrived I knew it would not work as the main fabric for her quilt.  The scale was way too large. As you can see, the flowers were as big as my hand. I knew that by cutting it into small pieces it would lose it's floral charm and look like more of a hack-job than anything. So sadly, I called her and sent this fabric back.
We are blessed to live in the age of technology where we can live 1500 miles apart and sit on our computers and look at fabric choices together. I LOVED her final choice. It is a beautiful designer line of fabric called, 'Paris Flea Market' designed by '3 Sisters' by Moda.

I loved this pick. It is so Shannon.
Plus, it has all the beautiful colors of an August wedding.
I started buying fabric.
Then I saw this picture on the internet and I LOVED it.
I could totally envision this quilt done in Paris Flea Market.
Cutting with precision.

Hundreds of pieces. It was getting exciting.
I was having so much fun playing with this beautiful fabric. I normally would have shared process pics with her on what-ever I am working on. But on this project it was to be a surprise. She did not know what quilt pattern I had chosen and so I was not showing her anything. But that didn't stop me from teasing her though. Don't forget, I am her big sister and that is my j-o-b. LOL. So I would oooh and ahhhh in text messages to her...knowing the first time she saw it I would be in her living room in Utah. :) There were times when I would be listening to my country music station and the song 'Just To See You Smile' would come on and I could picture her face. This quilt has some happy tears woven within these threads.  
Laying out bases for stars. Hmmmm.
Sewing points on the stars.
The beginnings of our first star. Yay.
I was so thankful for my mini ironing station
beside me for pressing seams. I'm a little OCD
when it comes to seams matching up.
I have a ways to go.  
Looking at this square I have an idea.
This was my favorite square. I looked at it over and over and finally the thought came to me that I should ask my friend (Melanie Leonard) who does beautiful machine embroidery work if she would take it and put Rick and Shannon's names and wedding date on it for the center square.
Funny story. Melanie called me the next day and said, "I botched your square!" I was like...No...you are kidding right? Because you would have to know Melanie, she is VERY funny and has a wonderful wit, and humor. She was like...nope...the needle must have had a burr in the tip and it chewed up your square something awful. I was so thankful that I had purchased plenty of extra fabric for emergency's like this one. No big deal. But this time I took over some cream fabric to embroidery, and then cut it to fit a new square.  Melanie does beautiful embroidery work, and I would never hesitate taking ALL my future projects to her, but I added this to the story because one never knows. It is always better to have a little too much fabric, than not enough.
It's beautiful. Thank you Melanie!
It was about this time in the process that I started to realize that if someone put a sharpie, or permanent marker to this quilt I may hurt them. Hahaha. I talked to my sister about it. I knew that originally this was intended to be a signature quilt. I knew I would do what-ever she wanted to do. The gift was hers, and she could do with it what she wanted. I may have to bite down on a stick...hahaha....but if she wanted it to be signed by all...then sign we would. :)

Now to get my squares up on my design wall.
I decided to use a cream sashing, with the dark peach as posts.
I LOVE it. Now I need to choose and cut the
sashing for the edges. I love the choosing part.
Cream sashing to encase the stars,
then a yellow to frame the stars,
Than a neutral blue to finish the outside.
I made the binding to match the quilt.
Double bound, for durability.
I finished it the NIGHT BEFORE I left for the wedding.
Isn't it lovely.
Yes, there were some tears shed. Thanks to my DH for his encouragement. On days I cried, "I can't!" (finish on time) He would smile his handsome smile and say, "You will." Hahaha. He knows me so well. LOL.
Rick and Shannon Cove, 03 Aug, 2013.
Shannon standing in front of her quilt.

The day was magnificent. The wedding was beautiful. And my sister and her Rick were so very happy. Nothing could have been better. They love their wedding quilt. And I LOVED making it for them. I felt my Mother smiling down from heaven along with my Grandmothers. It was a great day.

In the sunlight.
P.S. -No signatures allowed. :)

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  1. Could you imagine having to be Melanie to make that phone call to tell you about the block? Oh goodness! Congrats to the newly weds! She looks beautiful in front of the quilt. As a quilter and occasional wedding photography assistant I would have LOVED a chance to shoot a bride with a quilt this lovely on their special day! Super jealous!

    I've actually made this pattern before, I made it with Kate Spain's Terrain line and added an extra row to the side and bottom to make it a smidge bigger. It's currently resting in the "please finish binding me" pile. It should see the light of day soon though as I machine bound the two that were on top of it but for that one it'll be hand stitching for days :) worth it cause it's such a stunning pattern!