Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Heard You Passed (Poem)

My Aunt Lorna Atwood (my Mom's sister)
(24 Mar, 1932- 12 Oct, 2011)

I heard you passed.

I heard you passed the other day
A frog jumped in my throat
Sadness, tears & some regret
Of the letters left un-wrote.

But then a tender feeling
Came into my heart
I’m sure you know I love you
That much I did impart.

There are no worries in heaven
Loved ones there to greet
Who have missed you sorely
The reunions must be sweet.

So don’t you worry about a thing
We’ll help each other through
The days and weeks ahead of us
As we live here without you.

I think that absence is a lesson
That Father would have us learn
We have to taste of loneliness,
For togetherness us to yearn.

Next time I get to see your face
We’ll have to part no more
and we will live for-ever
Upon that blissful shore.

By- Sandra Beaujeu Dodge
Uncle Frank, Aunt Jeanine, Aunt Lorna & Jennifer Bird
1995 Family Reunion in Stirling, Alberta, Canada
Fun times.

I love you Aunt Lorna!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dear Child Of Ours (poem)

When you were just a little child
I’d pick you up from school
And I could tell by one good look
The day had been a gruel.

The callous words of others
Would wound your tender heart
Relieved that I am with you now
My love to you impart.

I’d see the color drained from your face
As backpack hit the floor,
I knew that you were very glad
To be home and close the door.

Home is a place of comfort
Where kind words are the norm
And there is strength and safety
From every childhood storm.

I’d whisper silent prayers first
For words to ease your pain
And for the love that I possessed
to wash o'er you like soaking rain.

At last you’d share your stories
I’d commiserate with you
And try with words to make a balm,
to heal your soul anew.

I’m not sure we can understand
The reasons or the whys,
Of someone’s cruelty to others
Or the cause to make them cry.

I wish that I could keep you here
And shelter out the world
But I know that’s not your destiny
You’re a daughter of the Lord.

I’m not to keep you in our home
Or tuck you under wing
I know that you are strong enough
You’re a daughter of the King.

He knows the strength within you
And saved you for the last
Satan’s no power o'er you
From Deity you were cast.

So lift your chin my little child
And lift your voice in praise
A sound of great rejoicing
are the noises that we’ll raise.

Tip the corners of your lips
Way up towards the skies
And be glad that you are finally home
Where the Spirit can reside.

By- Sandra Joy Dodge
Grandma Beaujeu, Daddy, Cami, Kristi, Cassi
and Momma in Jackson Hole, WY 1995.
This picture was taken just a few short months
before our Jered joined us too. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conference Preparation (poem)

Salt Lake City Conference Center


As Conference days approached us,
My thoughts were turned to Thee.
I read my Conference Ensign
And spend time upon my knees.

With great anticipation
I await those messages clear
So I may recieve directions
that Thou wouldst have me hear.

I pray my heart will open,
to know what I should do.
For repentance that is needed
To bring me close to You.

I know that application,
and correction must be done.
To be more like my Savior,
Not 'to-do'...but to 'become'.

-By- Sandi Dodge
Pres. Henry B Eyring, Pres Thomas S Monson,
Pres. Deiter F Uchtdorf