Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Gift for the NewlyWeds.

When I attended the wedding of my Dad & Marilyn in February I went home with the thought that I should make something for them. I knew they were trying to make a home together so I naturally thought I'd make something fun for their home. I decided on a Fall Wall Hanging since I knew it may take me a while. But I cannot just do things little...I seem to have an innate ability to complicate things. LOL. So as I began cutting the fabric I decided to make me one too. That turned into 4. But NOT 5...5 was just too many. LOL.

Here is the picture from the pattern book
Art to Heart by- Nancy Halvorsen.
She did a flip & finish. I quilted & bound mine.

I love to choose the fabrics.

Since I was doing 4 I did the pieces assembly style.

The little grape square called for purple
buttons as some of the grapes. So cute!

Applique is way fun.

Beginning assembly & adding sashing.

I love the added handmade feel of embroidery work.
The original pattern had 2 white angels. Nahhh.

Coming together nicely.

Backing, quilting & binding. So fun. :)

Finished! All 4. Right on time for fall.
These are the 2 styles I made. A tad different.
This one is mine...hanging on my wall.

I thought it would be fun and unifying to have something alike hanging in our homes. I heard from Dad & Marilyn that they really like theirs and have it hanging already. Me too. :) I'm so glad Marilyn's in our family. She's just great. I hope it brings them as much happiness as I had thinking of them while making it. The other two I put away for 'someday' for my girls. I know I need to make another one. Maybe next fall...and definately not 4. ;)


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