Monday, April 1, 2013

A Little Lucy Laugh

Lucille Ricardo tries to figure out her
'new' sewing machine.
When I saw this old photo of Lucille Ball in her show, 'I Love Lucy' it brought back so many memories of me and my sister, Cindy, watching her show. Nothing made me laugh like her trying to sew something. Her efforts usually brought her ridiculous howling cry when she would invariably fail. I can almost hear Ricky's LOUD baritone laughter at her ludicrous antics. I still think that in the old movie called 'Trouble With Angels' starring Haley Mills...her catch-phrase in that movie MUST have been coined while watching Lucille. It was: "Oooooh, I have the most scathingly BRILLIANT idea!" LOL.
In Dec 1981 I was a bride of about 6 months when we were about to celebrate our very first Christmas together. I wanted a sewing machine so badly. My Grandmother Rosina Mertz had just taught me to do Counted Cross Stitch and I wanted a sewing machine so I could zig-zag around my aida fabric so that it wouldn't unravel as I handled my work. I know, what a puny excuse of a reason to buy a sewing machine. Hahaha
My husband is a very generous man. Except when it comes to himself. He can look at the same pair of shoes ten times before he buys them. LOL. We lived in Oklahoma, and there was a Sears store there. ( a very SMALL store)...and we looked at that machine again, and again. One Sunday I noticed that the machine I wanted was on Sale for Christmas for $99. That wasn't just the plain-Jane straight stich/zig-zag machine....Nooooo...this one was REALLY fancy, it had 12 different stitches on it. Think of the creations I could make with '12' whole stitches to choose from. LOL.
A couple of days husband and I happened to be driving by the Sears store and he pulled in. He turned to me and said, "Your going to have to do a LOT of sewing to justify $99. for a machine!" Hahaha. It's funny now...but back then that was a lot of money. And we were just starting out. But when I grinned at him...he marched right into that store and bought me that machine. It still works but when I purchased my little 'Betty' Bernina...alas...she was replaced and put out to pasture. Now I take her to classes, and to the church if we ever need simple stitching done for projects there.
So this picture brings back the memories of me trying to learn to sew on my fancy 'new' Kenmore with '12' different stitch types. I was bound and determined to make my DH proud of me and my use of that new machine. I imagine my face didn't look much different than Lucy's.
Anyway- I had to share this picture and story. It made me smile and appreciate the faith my DH had in me all those years ago. I wonder if he thinks he got his money's worth yet?!? ;)

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