Monday, April 1, 2013

Carol's Concepts

Carol wrote me and told me she'd be posting about my 'ME' quilt on her blog today. It is so fun to see that caricature that she drew from the pictures I sent. Here are some pictures she posted on her blog which you can (and should) go see for yourself here:

Me and my Dodgeee
by-the-way...'DH'= Dear Husband
Here is what Carol drew.
Making my face.
This was hanging in her studio for this pic.
This was actually the picture I saw
on Pinterest that sparked the idea
on how I would like to hang Me in
my sewing room.
I liked the idea of pasting fabric on empty spools as a decoration. I knew I'd been saving those empty spools for a reason. ;) can buy these see through shoe box-type containers at Dollar Tree for....wait for it...$1. I keep a half dozen in my office because you'd be surprised how often I need one. Don't pay big department store prices. Or, do. ;)
Now I'm here with 'ME' right where I oughta be.
Thanks again to Carol Tursnik! 
Sew Sandi


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