Monday, April 15, 2013

"Oh SprinGee!"

I was in the middle of working on a new quilt when I realized I'd like to make it a little bigger than the pattern calls for, which was a large lap quilt. So I ordered more from one of my favorite fabric acquisition spots (Ebay) and began waiting. I'm NOT a good waiter. Rather than just stop sewing completely, I decided to find a fun project to fill the time until my extra fabric arrived.

Here it is, and it is finished...waiting for a cute wall hanger:

'Oh BeHive!'
 Mike Myers used the term, 'Ohh Behhhhave!' in the Austin Powers movies, and I never watched one but I laughed enough at the teenagers running around my house telling each other to 'BeHaaave' for it to stick. When I decided to name this project since it is definitely mine...I've dubbed it thusly, "Oh BeHive!" 

This is a combination of three little quilts I'd seen. But I like this one best.'s so 'sprinGee'. LOL. 'SprinGee' too must be said like Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory.

Ok enough speaking like other people. Haha!

Come back soon to see my new quilt in the works. It is a Tumbling Charm using the 'Gypsy Girl' fabric line by Moda.

Sew Sandi

P.S. I found the original pattern that sparked the idea for this quilt mini. It is by 'Patchsmith' who is a designer out of England. Here is her 'Mug Rug' pattern.

It is called 'Honey Bee'
Her designs can be found by searching the website. I have found more ideas for future 'little' fun projects that I can finish in a day or two, or a weekend. I haven't really liked small quilts in the past because I thought, 'whats-the-point'? But since starting the Monthly mini's last year...I have really learned to enjoy the applique, machine quilting, binding necessity, and creativity of small projects. Don't worry though...I still have a few BIG quilts in the works. :) Stay tuned.

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