Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sew Sandi's New Domain

Here I am! I came in the mail yesterday.
Thank you Carol!

This is what I worked on today. The idea in my head actually worked out better than I planned.

A new spot for 'Sew Sandi'
 I like it. It felt good to have her up and keeping watch.
My creative space.
Notice Betty likes it by the sunshine of the window.
A peek at my stash. The folded pieces stacked on
top of the shelves are all flannel. The rest is 100%
quality quilter's cotton. I could just stand and stare.
Admission: All the fabric on the right shelf, second from the bottom...ALL are pre-cuts. Happy JOY.
I know the walls are still very bare but that's the beauty of having a new space, filling it with things that I've made, or love.  I'll fill those empty spaces with things I've created, things that speak to me, show productivity, fresh ideas, patterns and things that challenged me, or made me stretch as a craftswoman.
I am still working on my scripture quilt. That will take up a wall soon. I hope I can get it finished in the next couple of months. Keep stopping by to look around. I will post as soon as it's finished. I promise. :) Margo's is on Lois's machine NOW. My heart just did a leap-frog thinking about it. :) When we get them all finished...we need to have a show. There are 5 of us making them. We started in March, 2011. Lois has been our most humble quilt guru, stash buster, venue provider, and trusted precious friend. As a quilter I cannot even lick her boots on my best day. I have a couple of hundred quilts to make just to get into her ball-park. :)
I better get started!
Sew Sandi

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