Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harley Visits for the Weekend

Last Friday in the wee hours of the morning Mason was up and gone taking a huge group of students on their Choir trip to Port Aransas, Texas. He is a very busy man, they have 9 choir's at Arlington High School. I'm not sure which choirs got to go on this trip, but taking a large group on a trip like that would be work.

Mason chillin for a minute in Port Aransas
with the other Choir Directors and Chaparones.

Kristi and Cassi drove over to Arlington to pick up Harley and bring him back to our house. She didn't want to be away from Cassi on the week-end she was home. Harley needs a vaca too!

Front seat driver help.

Mr. grouchie-pants (when it comes to animals in the house) was caught doing this:

Oh, oh, OH! What's this we are seeing?

Jered teasing Harley with his Monkey baby.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Trying to get Harley to hold still for a
decent picture was difficult. He wanted to PLAY.

He jumped up and popped Kristi
right in the nose with his face.
Let the swelling commence.

Harley was like- Did I do tha'at?

Dancing in the kitchen and singing
loud enough to raise the roof.

Cassi headed to a YSA dance with friends.

Some TX sunshine and a dip in the pool is
just what these two thrive on. That, and music.
Oh, and boys (of course). Hehehe

Oh. My. Lanta. Applebee's will never be the same.

So much fun.

Jered is a casual observer. LOL!

Dad's having fun too.

Well, time flies when you are having fun. Cami is still in school and she works full time too so we got to see her for little snippets of time. She is a great student and those grades are important for her to get into the program she wants to apply for. I'm glad she is so serious about her future. I should have taken more pictures at dinner on Wednesday. Oh, hindsight! That's a bit more of our news. Back to reality.

Momma D

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