Monday, April 16, 2012


Mason has a dog named Harley and he is such a great dog. We were introduced to him a couple of months ago and everyone liked Harley, even Dad (who is not much of a pet person). So for Mason's Birthday (In March) I decided I would make him a special present, can you guess what it is? Oh, you are SUCH good guessers! A Mini-quilt of Harley! It was inspired by this little picture Mason texted to me.

The caption said: "I has a berfday party today by myself."

With this adorable picture and a dog pattern I had seen by- Amy Bradley...I set to work. I knew I could tweak a few of the doggie parts to make it look more like Harley. The pattern called for little pointy 'pincer' ears. But I looked off this picture of Harley and made some uniquely 'Harley' ears.

Giving Harley some 'style'!

Machine Appliqueing his name.

Working on it while I wait for Jered
who is in Seminary class at 6am.

Binding in the car while waiting.

Here is a look at the back after quilting. You can see
that I add a little 'sleeve' where the wall hanging frame
slips into this for a more even weight distribution.
The last thing I add is my little label.

I hung it on my quilt stand for the big

Cassi came home Tuesday the April 10th. It is her break between semesters so we were celebrating her coming home & also Mason's Birthday. I made Brisket in the crock pot, mock Boston Market squash casserole (yum), potato salad (everyone's favorite), and fresh strawberry and lemon Bundt cake. 
That's me in the background. So Cassi
must have been snapping pictures. I
don't suppose they eat like this much at college.

Pre-steaming the squash before adding
to the casserole dish for combining.

This little concoction is the squash sauce.
There is butter, onions, garlic, sharp cheese.
I also baked corn bread to break up
and add to the squash w 1 C of broth.

Cassi's 2nd favorite cake of all time.

The YUM ingredient is fresh strawberries.
It also calls for 8-10oz of Vanilla Greek yogurt.
Cassi prep'd these darlings. That is not sugar
but the recipe called for the berries to be
tossed with 1/4 C of flour instead.

Finally into the pan. Oh yeah!

Cami helped me get it onto my cake plate.
It took all 4 hands. But...voile!

I made a lemon glaze with freshly
squeezed lemon juice. Mmmm.

Mason & Cassi see each other for the first
time in years. Side-note: My vacume died....but, oh well.

Everyone is home for the first time in a long time, great food, lots of laughter and most These are the times I treasure most. Mason loved his gift and I loved making it for him. Win-win. Cassi's break from college went by so quickly but we had some wonderful times while she was home. Her flight left this morning at 8:30am. I get all verklempt when she leaves. She said, "Mom, it's ok I'm just going to college!" I said, "I know that....but tell that to the Cassi part of my heart." {{{sigh}}} I am happy inside for her. She is doing so well. This winter semester she pulled all A's but one B+ in math which is funny because she LIKES math. lol. (She may get mad that I 'outed' her "bad" grade) LOL! She is majoring in Health Sciences and wants to pursue becoming a Physician's Assistant. She has changed her mind a couple of times as she finds what feels right and fits with what she wants for her life. She came to the conclusion that becoming a surgeon didn't fit with her desire to be a wife and mother. So she ratcheted it, squoze it, molded it, and stewed a bit about the right fit for her. I have taught my children to have faith in prayer. God is there and cares about our lives. She has the right to receive personal revelation from Heavenly Father regarding her life if she lives worthy and keeps His commandments. It's my job to be a sounding board, a counselor, and to love her...but she can choose for herself as she seeks to align her will with God's. I think being a P.A. will fit her nicely. She wants so much to help people. :) Well, that's our news on this beautiful Texas evening. Good night y'all.

Happy Momma D

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