Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Mini Share

This is the Mini-Quilt I made for January. I actually combined the patterns from two different designers and came up with this. The fabrics are mostly made by Moda. I have a Moda Bake Shop button on my blog. Do yourself a favor and go look around their sight. Moda has turned quilting into kind of a baking metaphor. I know...kinda ironic. They carry fabric from some of my favorite designers (of fabric). Anyway here's my January Mini a little (Okay a LOT) late.

The binding I used on this piece is little
tiny mittens. I cut a pair out and draped
them from one of this fella's arms. I
love the inspiration that comes when I sew.

Love these fabrics. Too bad designer
fabrics START at about $12. per yard.

I have the BEST DH (dear husband) in the whole wide world. He gave me cash to buy fabric for my Birthday this year (March). Now you know why we've been married for 30+ years. Besides him being good to me, and generous to a fault...he's way cute too! Just sayin...

Sandi D

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