Monday, November 1, 2010

Sit N Sew = Friends

Once a month some of my friends and I get together for a special day we like to call, ‘Sit N Sew’, but don’t let the name fool you because there is a lot more that goes on than just sewing. And I will show you a few. 

 Kazue Horikami

This is Sister Kazue Horikami, she is delightful. She set up on an end table in the foyer of Lois’s home and began weaving authentic Japanese slippers to give as Christmas gifts. While I watched her for a minute she told me that in Japan it is too hot to wear shoes and socks all the time so they wear slippers around the house. Then because the slippers are made of cloth they can be thrown in the washing machine when they are dirty. Sister Horikami used to be my Visiting Teacher and she NEVER missed. She is Cassi's first Visiting Teaching Companion. We love her at our house. Her sister is currently serving a Mission in Japan. Sister Horikami is retired and currently is a Dallas Temple worker. I learn from her when-ever she's around. I love to see her when I go to Sit N Sew.

You can read more about her in an article written by Melissa Merrill (Yup- Margo's daughter)- who is currently an editor of the Ensign Magazine. This story is in the June 2009 Ensign at :

Cynthia Riggs

This is Kazue Horikami’s daughter Cynthia Riggs. She is busy cutting meaningful t-shirts from her children’s lives to make t-shirt quilts to give her children for Christmas. We learned that it takes about 20 t-shirts to make one quilt. Cynthia’s dilemma was she had far more than 20. I'm sure her kids will be thrilled. What a thoughtful project. Cynthia is a talented pianist. She is an RN. Her son (also Jered's age) recently did his Eagle project. She is a busy gal. She has a grand daughter, and children in college, and she has a daughter (Erika) who is also on a Mission in Brazil.

Janet Combs

This is Janet Combs, she is just finishing a knitting project that she has been working on. Janet is my Visiting Teaching companion. She has served as our Ward and Stake Relief Society President. Her husband was our Stake President a few years back. She is my scriptural mentor, teacher, and fellow genealogy enthusiast. She works in the Family History Center. If I make a cool discovery or need advise on anything from genealogy software, to where do I find this quote you said 5 years ago.... (LOL) or how to appliqué a star on a quilt top, or a million other topics…I call Janet. Janet is my go-to person. She's known me a LONG time and sometimes all it takes is a look and a hug...and I'm good to go. She 'gets' it.

Lois Schauweker

This is Lois Schauweker, and she is my quilting guru. She has the perfect job…she works at Quilt Country. But she also has a giant quilting machine in her upstairs and she is a professional quilter. I’ll never forget the first time Janet and I went on a ‘Field Trip’ to see Lois’s. She has quilts that literally make me verklempt. Hopefully I will be able to show you a few of her quilts in the coming weeks. We discussed and decided on our project for 2011…we are doing a block of the month club. I cannot wait. Quilting is in my blood. I get so excited that I literally cannot sleep some nights for thinking about it. If I die and go to heaven it will be something like Lois’s. One night my bobbin housing broke on my machine and I made a late night call to Lois, and she ran me over one of her ‘extra’ machines which I sewed 3 quilts with. She is a talented, fun, supportive friend.

Margo Merrill

This is Margo Merrill she decided last year to make each of her siblings a quilt for Christmas. (Shhhh, it really is a secret.) She is putting the binding on one of them (it's fittingly called 'Cupcake Heaven'). I wish you could see these quilts in person. They are happy, bright, and creative. I am sure her sisters and brother are going to be so excited to receive such a beautiful gift. I know how much time and love went into them. This may not be too much of a stretch for some people…but I marvel at Margo and her ability to accomplish so much. She is currently our Stake Relief Society President, and her husband was recently released after serving for many years as our Bishop. Margo has four older children and one son who is also Jered’s age.

There are many other women who have joined us over the months and years, women of like character and goodness (I just don’t have pictures of them). I love my association with these women. At Sit N Sew, great ideas are shared, projects mulled, advise given, opinions offered, color schemes looked at with fresh eyes, funny stories shared, creativity emerges, goals are set, skills honed, plans made, gospel topics discussed, and always verbal appreciation for our families, husbands, and each other.

One of today’s blessings, that I treasure is…Sit N Sew.

Next Date- Nov 16th...won't you join us? Lmk- if you need more info.



  1. What a fun time you all must have! I bet there's a plethora of ideas (& lessons) at each Sit'n'Sew to absorb! How fun to be able to have time to develop these talents and share your hobbies! I can't wait for the day when my kids are grown & I have time to do this once a week! BTW...I am in LOVE with the quilt in Margo's pic! Can I buy it from her for Kendra's room?!

  2. The picture doesn't even do it justice. It is so bright and sunny, and we decided a 'happy' quilt. I'm afraid all those quilts have been designated for one of her siblings. But I am sure that you could make one. In all your 'spare' time...LOL...cough cough. All of us have crazy, insane, rediculous schedules...that's why we only meet once a month. And we try to set verbal goals with each other as to what we can accomplish by our next meeting. I am working on a quilt now that I want all cut out by our meeting on the 16th. Not many of us sit and watch tv...but if we do...we have our hands busy. Quilting for me is escapism at it's best. I can plug in my Pandora and the creative juices begin to flow. The quilt I am making now is my own creation. I got ideas from other quilts of course. But I am doing it by drawings. I am using the striped edge on Margo's Cupcake Heaven quilt. I will post pictures when I finish. I am taking pictures throughout. Not of me....ever. But of the process. Fun times! I love you btw....and thanks for your comments. ~Aunt Sandi