Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sew Sandi

I know there are several people out there who scratch their head and cannot figure out the love affair some people seem to have with Pinterest. I'm NOT one of those people. I GET IT and I LOVE IT!

The minute I started surfing for some of my favorite crafts and saw the plethora of beautiful, creative, ingenious ideas that are out there in cyber-wonderland being pulled together so that people (like me) can draw from their gifts, and talents to learn, grow, and create myself to help and bless my family and friends...I was hooked.

From appetizers, to how to clean the gunk off the bottom of your frying pans and cookie sheets, to patterns for crochet easy enough for a total novice like me, etc...I could go ON, and ON. It's there...It's on Pinterest.

I have in my possession umpteen cook books that I devour once, or twice, and then I put them away to collect dust. Oh yes...every blue moon I'll TRY to find that ONE recipe that I would love to make for my family or a party...but trying to find the recipe takes MUCH longer than making the recipe itself. I have tried to organize my Pinterest 'Boards' in such a way that I can find the things I am in need of, and QUICK. I can even access them in the grocery isle at Walmart for the recipe. That=Love.

No this isn't a PRO Pinterest post. Though, you'd think so. It brings me to my post today though. I LOVE quilting. Everything about it. From small quilts, wall hangings, to large bed quilts. From very vintage quilts and patterns, to more modern trendy quilts. Pinning new fresh ideas that I can learn, grow, and increase my skills looking at...I pin. I'd rather look through quilt tutorials, and blogs, than watch the crud they have on TV, any day.

So one evening I was browsing my favorite things...quilts...on Pinterest...and I saw a small portrait quilt. I did a double-take...and my mouth started to water. It was soooo cool! I clicked and went to this woman's blog and was enthralled in a world of art, color, caricatures, that encompassed thread, and FABRIC! It began when this woman (Carol) decided to make a quilt of the people in her sewing guild. And like eating one Lays potato chip...she couldn't eat just one.

I had to contact Carol. We had to be friends. :) And through a bevy of email and wading through her present time deadlines, and crunches...she made one of ME, to hang in my new sewing room that you can read about in one of my older posts called 'Let's move'.

I got ME in the mail today. And I LOVE ME! Hahaha. She asked for a couple of pictures of me to draw from and I sent these:
One of my faves of 'DH' and I.
Jer & Sandi- In love for almost 33 years.
OK- Those are the pictures I sent to her. I told her a few things about me...including that my eyes were hazel. The madder I get the darker my eyes are. Or so says 'DH', Bahaha! My favorite color is red. And the walls of my sewing room are a sage green. She told me to tell Jerry not to worry she would make my eyes a light color of green. :) Now let me introduce ME:

"Sew Sandi"
Lady Number #41
How fun is this? I cannot wait to get her up in my sewing room and get her situated so she can watch over my 'stuff'. ;)
Like I've said a gillion times to my children...nothing ventured...nothing gained. I have a new talented pal by the name of Carol Turznik. Her talent now will hang in my special space. You can see the other #40 ladies she has created by visiting her blog here:
From that page you can go to her button on the right hand side which will shoot you over to her flickr site. Go ahead...spend a while looking at her amazing work. You can email Carol at NVNG!
Can I just say....Pinterest Rocks! And sew does brilliant, gifted, craftswomen like Carol. Thank you Carol. I will appreciate your work for a VERY long time.
 In Appreciation,
'Sew Sandi'

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  1. Sandi, you are waaaaay too sweet! I'm so glad you LOVE Pinterest, and I'm so glad others do too because otherwise you never would have found me and I never would have gotten the opportunity to create you in fabric and it was such fun!! Thank you a million times over! I hope "she" watches over you forever with LOVE!