Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sew finally...

It's been a very busy week. A lot of 'have-to' stuff pulling at my time (I know, like everyone) but not much 'get-to' time. I think I finally exhausted myself into being sick. So, since I am in my jammies I ventured into my sewing room to see if that would at least lift my saggy spirits. It did. Even running my hands across pretty fabric makes me smile. Too bad I'm moving at a snails pace.

I put away my Dresden Plate quilt because Christmas is coming and it's time to make hay while the sun shines. I am ten times happier if I can give a gift I have planned, purchased the ingredients (cooking metaphor), and worked on with my thoughts, talents, and heart. I could actually use the whole 'blood, sweat, and tears'-thing here too because I've been known to draw blood from time to time. Like the time when DH and I were newlyweds and he leaned over to kiss me goodbye and put his hand on the arm of the couch where I was sewing and got a needle stuck in his palm almost all the way in. OUCH! Anyway- putting my dresden away was brutal. But...sacrifices have to be made. :) Here is a sneak-peek at the dresden plate progress:

This is the 'Ruby' fabric line by Moda. Isn't it fab?
I have twelve dresdens made thus far. I'm half way there.

Oh, the pieces I cut...480 seperate blades. NBD.


I have been debating about the background color and the color of the back of this quilt. There is a very light gray that is made by Kona Bay Fabrics that is yummy. It makes the colors POP and there is actually gray in the plates themselves so it really does work. But I also like my solid white Kona, called 'Snow'. It would be lovely but my Moms practicality comes out in me and I know I'd never put it on a bed that was to be used (ie. pooped on by a baby, Hah) if I did it with white. It would be a show quilt only. I'm ok with that since I am keeping this one. It is so labor intensive I don't know if I'll ever get around to making a Dresden Plate quilt of it's size again. Maybe a pillow, or a table runnner, but a queen size quilt with 24 plates... Nuh'uh. But it reminds me of my Grandmother Rosina Nelson Mertz so much. I cannot even sit down at the sewing machine to work on this quilt without memories of her flooding into my mind. She was (is) precious to me and I loved (love) her very much. With my KD moving out soon, and Cassi preparing to leave on a Mission for our church for 18 months I think I am going to dedicate one of our bedrooms to it...and decorate around it. My favorite color is red...but that turquoise is a close second. Together they scream, "Look at me! I'm YUMMY!" LOL

I wish I could show you what I am working on now. But you know my rule (and if you don't here it is)...I don't blog about gifts until they are given. Then...I can blog away. And I will. I am taking pictures as I progress. Kinda spoils the surprise if I do, don't you agree? I may throw y'all a bone once or twice because I am just THAT excited...maybe. Hah!

Hint 1: It is for Christmas.
Hint 2: It is made with a designer line of fabric. Gorg.
Hint 3: My goal is to ship it the day after Thanksgiving.
Hint 4: It is for someone I love VERY much.

OK...that is enough for today.

Sew Sandi

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