Sunday, September 30, 2012

General Conference is the 6th, 7th October 2012

General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is some of my favorite times of the year. This will be the 182nd semi-annual conference for the whole entire church all over the world. A time when we get to gather as families and friends and hear the Apostles and Prophets of the Lord.

You can listen to it several ways. You can find out if your TV dish, cable company, internet provider, etc. Has a BYU Channel. There are Aps for your iphone, ipad, etc that are free that allow you to watch. There are four main sessions. Two on Saturday, and two on Sunday. You'll have to again check your carrier to find what times you may listen or watch. You can also stream it from Just follow the Conference links.

If you have children here is a link for a wonderful 'Conference Packet' put together by It is fun and a great way to involve your children in participating in conference not just listening. Here is the link:

Conference is usually always scheduled for the first weekend in April, and October. It is fun to anticipate the wonderful spiritual feast that is presented to us by our loving leaders.

Enjoy your conference weekend.


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