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Porter born Oct 22nd, 2012

Shantay & baby Porter. This is one of the strongest
of women. The day after giving birth she keeps vigil
at precious Porter's side.
Porter and his Momma, Shantay, sharing a smile.
He was too sick for her to hold him. :(

This is our newest little sweetheart Porter who was born on the 22nd of Oct, 2012. He is the son of our nephew Mark, and his beautiful courageous wife Shantay. Porter was born with some serious health challenges so within hours of his birth he got a ride to the NICU at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah in a helicopter with his Daddy, Mark. This is one of my favorite pictures of Porter as it was one of his first smiles. He has had to endure a few surgeries, tubes, tests, prodding, pokes, needles, and the need to lay very still. His wonderful parents have been so brave and courageous through all these trials. Staying at the Ronald McDonald house across the street. (Thank heaven for RMH). But, none as brave as Porter himself.
Porter, our inspiration.

Unfortunately, I live far away in Texas. That is a very helpless feeling to live so far away and not be able to be present. But I have prayed day and night for this little family. I felt like I needed to do something. I wanted so much to serve them in some way. So...I felt to make him a little blanket. Since he could only wear a diaper for weeks (recently able to wear his first outfit though, yay!) I knew a blanket would have to be comfy and very soft.

Daddy changing his very first diaper.

I called Misti my other neice (who has been instrumental in keeping me in the loop of Porter's updates, and progress) to ask her the school colors of the High School where Mark is the football coach. She told me their colors are purple, black, and white. So I went with that as a start to the brainstorming. To make a long story short. Here are some pictures of Porter's special blanket being made.

I chose these adorable snowmen for one side.
Hey- they live in he can be stylin' most of the year.
Check out the purple, black, and white awesomeness.

I decided to applique Porter's name on it.
I chose purple Minky. SO SOFT!
But I had never worked with it before.

Cousin Cassi helping add painter's tape
as guides for my quilting.

We somehow got a little OFF there.
But I caught it and all is well. :)

Quilting it was...well...interesting. Very stretchy! 
I'm so thankful for my friend Barb.
Quilting with Barbara is a delight! (Barbara Bernina)

Here I am adding the binding.

Check out those straight lines! (Z-snap)
100% cotton on one side, and oh-so-soft minky on the other.
We've been so inspired by Porter's incredible tenacity
and strong spirit. We love this little guy very much.

Getting a meal with loving pats from Daddy.

Porter, wide awake. Working so hard to get well.

Porter is such a sweet boy. He is so loved.

We are so thankful to be able to share Porter with you in a small way. We are so thankful for all the prayers that have been offered on his behalf and for his amazingly wonderful parents. He has touched so many, not only in our big family, but also in their incredibly supportive community. There has been so many acts of kindness, service, and generosity shown and believe me they are all felt, and so appreciated by this little family. My blog isn't meant to be a 'lookie-what-I-did'...but more of an introduction to little Porter. Also, a way to share my love of this little guy, and one of my recent projects. He could use your continued prayers, and so could his parents. We are praying that he can go home possibly by Christmas. Wouldn't that be a wonderful present for all of them? If you feel so inclined would you also keep Porter in your prayers? Thank you. And...Merry Christmas y'all!

Great Aunt Sandi

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