Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CES Devotional for YSA- BYUI Center- Cassi Sings (Sun) 04 March, 2012

Again this semester Cassi gets to sing at meetings that uplift, inspire, and change the course of young people's lives. I am so thankful that she had this opportunity to again sing with the combined Young Men's, Young Women's, and Collegiate Singer chiors at this devotional featuring Elder Quentin L Cook.

She sent me this pic before she left for the devotional.

The BYUI Center which seats 15,000.

Inside the BYUI Center

Another view inside the BYUI Center. Huge.

The combined choirs sing 'Guide Us O Thou
Great Jehovah' in the BYUI Center.

Cassi singing in the choir.

Elder Quentin L Cook spoke at the CES
devotional, Sun, 4 March, 2012

The choir closed with
'Faith In Every Footstep'
It was lovely.

You can see this CES Devotional in it's entirety at under the CES Devotional heading. You can better get an idea of this meeting and feel  the Spirit as the music is sung and the messages are given to these beautiful young people. I am so pleased that Cassi is having such amazing experiences while attending BYUI.

Momma D

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