Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spoiler Alert: Impending Cassi Brag

A few weeks ago Cassi auditioned to sing in the BYUI Jazz night show on campus. She got one of 14 spots in the show.

Her friends came out to lend support.

On June 25th she sang 'At Last'
by- Etta James

Cassi Dodge- singing her heart out.

Then on June 30th she recieved this email:


We really were so pleased with your performance at Jazz Night!

Our committee gets to select one act from our show to be included in the 'Best Of' show that includes all the best of the campus talent events of the semester.

We would like to invite you to be the act from Jazz Night to perform. 'Best Of' is Saturday July 16th.
Would you be able to perform that night? We hope so.

Please let me know and I will confirm your decision with the 'Best Of' managers.

Congratulations on making 'Best Of'!

Steve Hansen/BYUI Events Coordinator

Then she recieved another invite as well. Here it is:

Hello talented performers!

I was wondering if you would be interested in performing in an event called Cram Jam. It is July 19th 8-10PM in the MC Crossroads. It is put on by the food services and food will be served. No audition is needed because we already know you are great! Please let me know ASAP (no later than July 5th please) if you would be willing and available to participate. If you sang in multiple shows this semester, you are welcome to sing/perform both songs. Thanks so much for your willingness to share your talents!

Kendall Warnock
Acoustic Cafe/Cram Jam Manager

Cassi enjoying the water at a friends farm in
Shelley Idaho July 2nd 2011.

Though she is persuing a medical degree she is still very involved in her music. Jerry & I are so proud of her. Good job Cassi!

~Momma Dodge

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  1. Way to go Cassi! Darrell loves jazz (I like it live:)). Sandi and Jerry, I know you're proud. You have so much talent in your home I love listening to you all.
    Great Big "Brittie" Hug to Cassi!!