Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drug $$

Remember: I told you there would be times I would use this blog to discuss things that float my boat" ..well, this is one of those times.

I have a perscription that the Dr. gives me a coupon for that lasts for three fills. Each fill I should pay no more than $25.oo. Thanks Doc! :)

So I go into Walmart today to pick up the medication and the pharmacy tech says, "That will be $480.oo please." I said..."Um, no." I realized I needed to go get another $25.oo coupon from my Dr's office. Which I gladly did, and was grateful that was an option.

Enroute to the Dr's office, I was thinking, what kind of mark-up is on these little pills if the price at Walmart for 30 pills is $480.oo? But, with a little gold ticket (coupon) I get it for $25.oo? Thats quite a difference.

I'm printing out the Walmart $4.oo perscription list and when me or my family get sick from now on, or need some meds...I'm going to whip out my little list and let the Dr. pick a drug from my list. Done.

Yes, I have insurance. But they informed us that we now have a $1000.oo cap per person, per year. That means on this medication at full price (1 medication) I would run out of benefits the 2nd week of March.

I am thankful that my Dr. let me know about the coupon and lets me come in multiple times to get another one. I feel bad for the folks that need the meds and don't have the $480. for 30 pills or have a little golden ticket like I do.

P.S. 30 pills for $480.oo= $16.oo per pill. Booooo! The price of meds are insane.


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