Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shopping, and parties, and weddings...Oh my!

I drove to Utah with my return Missionary daughter in her new car. She got a job via a tip from an old BYUI FHE brother. Applied online, did a phone interview, then a Skype interview, and got the job in Provo. So we packed her up and I drove out there with her.
Cassi & me somewhere in Kansas.
The colors throughout Colorado were fabulous.

My little sister Shannon and her husband, Rick, were also getting sealed in the Manti Temple as well.
Ah yes, an eternal family formed on 03 Oct, 2014
Ricky Lon & Shannon Cove
Shannon & Rick's big day.
While I was there we went and Lindsay picked
this country fabric so we could tie a quilt.
There is Mamma bear helping tack that quilt on.
We used every square inch of that yardage. The bride
and her groom are TALL.
This was my youngest niece's first experience
tying a quilt. Brinley did a great job!
Of course, General Conference was a great
back ground for our project. That is my daughter,
Cassi, & Lindsay tying the last part.
Putting away the quilt frames.
Now it was time for me to attach the binding I made.
I know, some will cringe, but I finish the binding by hand.
Before going home I snuck back over to the fabric store to buy any left-over pieces of Lindsay's fabric. I had a couple of ideas up my sleeve.
Alas, I couldn't just stay, I was needed back home. So I hopped on a plane and came back to Texas for a couple of weeks. To see my boys, and play catch-up on work.
The weather in Texas was gorgeous and I was pleased
that my lovely flowers were still happily blooming.
Thanks to Jered, for watering them while I was gone.
Not bad for October, eh?
But soon it was time to get back on a plane bound for Utah and my niece's wedding. Here is a couple of pictures of this wonderful couple. Yes, this is Shannon's oldest daughter Lindsay, and her fiancé (then) David Stevens.
David & Lindsay got engaged at Sundance
where Lindsay works...yes...for Bob.
So darling.
Lindsay's bachlorette party was fun.
Cassi, Shannon and me.
Cousins and best friends. Lindsay and her
Maid of Honor, Cassi.
I made them pillow cases to match their quilt.
I also made a couple of waffle weave
kitchen towels to match as well.
I added some prairie points.
They turned out great.
Then it was a beautiful day in the House of the Lord
watching two beautiful young people form an eternal
family. This pic was of everyone doing the famous
Lindsay-open-mouth smile. A wonderful day.
My heart was so full when I was sitting there, in the Salt Lake City Temple watching my niece get married for eternity, and in attendance was people whom I love so dearly. My Mom's youngest sister, aunt Linda and uncle Larry came down from Canada, my Mom's oldest sister, Della, came with her eldest daughter, my cousin, Linda, whom I had not seen in years, and years. My mom's brother Dennis and his wife Marie, and of course my Dad, Moe, and my step-mother Marilyn, and so many others. I didn't want the day to end and just basked in being in their presence. Mom's absence was felt, and discussed in hushed tones, since no-one wanted to make the bride or her mother cry and ruin their make-up. Mom passed in Sept 2007 of breast cancer. No she wasn't there physically, but she was certainly there in spirit. The support of my Mom's brother's and sisters has been never ending, and is a great lesson to the rest of us about the importance of being there to support each other. I'm so thankful. No wonder people cry at weddings. Now, I'm not saying I did....but...Okay...I did. LOL. It was wonderful that so many were there to surround this beginning family with so much love on their first day as husband and wife.
Love, it's what it is ALL about.
Aunt Sandi




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