Sunday, July 13, 2014

Leanne's House

There needs to be more time in the day. That is what I have decided.

For a quilter there is never enough time to do all the things you want to do. If you don't agree, your not a true quilter.

Our Quilt group started up again in June. I know, that is an unusual time for a group to re-convene, but we have never been accused of being 'normal'. Most groups and guilds recess for the summer but I think summer is a perfectly wonderful time to meet. In fact, any time our group can meet...I LIKE IT! If you can be there, great, and if will have to catch up. Another reason I love our quilting group is that if you are behind, you have friends to help you do the catching up part. :)

This year my friends have chosen a beautiful 'Block-Of-The-Month' (or BOM) quilt that has 9 squares. Each square has several different elements of hand-work, piecing, applique, and embroidery. LOTS of embroidery on this one. Of course, with summer vacations, plane rides, long car rides, and sitting by the beach, I find it a perfectly wonderful time of year to take my block with me and work in those moments. I love keeping my hands busy.

This BOM is called 'Leanne's House' by- Leanne Beasley.
Here as HER quilt finished.
Yes- I know, insane right? Tricky, laborious, time consuming, and YUMMY! I had a major hand in selecting the scripture quilt that we did a couple of years ago. So when selecting this years project, I was unusually, and blissfully silent. I believe our dear friend Margo selected this as her 'dream' quilt for our group. It is not one that I will be making 'several' of...but I LOVE this. It will be an heirloom quilt if I ever saw one. I am posting Leanne's block photo's. Then my own. 
Block ONE- Leanne's
This is my block. I wanted mine to look like a spring day.
In Block ONE you will notice that the large heart on the top left is hand appliqued. I have done a LOT of machine applique work in the past, so this was a refresher in 'needle-turn' and how crazy curves are, and the point of the heart. Yes, I drew blood. Hahaha.
You will also notice that the little flower bunches top center begin the embroidery work. As well as the 'Sunny Days' square and floral multi-panel squares as well (2of3). See, I told you it was a 'bring-it-with-you' project. Unfortunately the embroidery work that the girls get behind on...I won't be helping with. Piecing, yes, LOL. The patchwork 'postage-stamp' block in the lower left are 1" squares finished. Fun times. Oh I so LOVE piecing tricks. :)
Block TWO- Leanne's
Both blocks side-by-side on my design wall.
Just after piecing Block TWO.
You can still see that
I am working on the embroidery at the bottom.
But my 'bee' is finished, yay.
Ahhh yes, again you can analyze the work involved in one simple square. Now you will notice in the bottom left-hand corner the third panel of Block ONEs now 3of3. It finally shows you that all those movement lines ended in panel 3 with a darling little 'bee'.
Also notice that in the top-left block we have not one applique heart, but THREE, and...they are smaller. Oy! This quilt is not for the faint of heart. LOL. jk
Some people would be horrified that I am posting pictures an unfinished block. But, this is a 'process' blog post. A sneak peak into what's going on in my studio. Well, not the ONLY thing. LOL
I love the journey of quilting, with the fabric choices, exactness, puzzle, and creativity of it all. In fact when this quilt is finished some will not be able to look at it and figure out how it went together. I love that! I so enjoy taking varied selections of fabric and piecing together a masterpiece for my family, to be loved for generations. If I were needing to make a blanket...I would go to Walmart, but, to make something I created thrills me, and makes me excited for the process. Good pick Margo! This year will be a blast.
Sew Sandi

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