Friday, May 25, 2012

May (from real concentrated life)

Oh dear, this month has really be fun, crazy, and wonderful. My blogging has suffered though but I shall try to do better. I am sure that some of you are suffering from some of the same 'end of year' issues. But here is some of our most recent news:

Breakfast for dinner party with friends
at BYUI.

Cassi asked to take my guitar back to
school with her so she could learn to play.
We'll skype so she can sing for me.
I got the better end of this deal.
My parents bought me this guitar many moons ago.

This is Cassi's new boyfriend, Ryan Call. 
He is currently serving as Ward Mission
Leader in their Ward. And also is a Temple
Worker in the Rexburg Temple.
He also picks well. :)

 Was it the thoughtful rose that finally
'pricked' her heart? I think, yes.

Trying to get Ryan to smile. How can you NOT
smile when you are around Cassi? Doesn't work well.

Ryan went home to Bountiful, UT to spend time with
his Mom on Mothers Day week-end. So Cassi decided
he MUST be pranked. Enlisting the help of Ryan's
roomies...they wrapped ALL of Ryan's things in newspaper.

Oh my!

Yes, even his bed was wrapped.

Enjoying the sunshine together.
Life is always better laying on a Batman
blanky with your sweetheart. :)

Family Home Evening Flour Fight- BYUI

FHE fun. Flour anyone?

Cassi tapes her roomies phone to the ceiling.
How long will it take her to find it?!?

Post Mission with friends at the Temple.
Ryan served his mission in the Tulsa, OK Mission.

Here is a picture of Grandpa B's flower beds in St. George.
They are lovely Dad!

Cami made a Spice Bundt cake for
me for Mothers Day. YUM!

Clothes shopping for spring dresses with Cami.

My lovely neice Robin Z Farnsworth who is a
wonderful teacher for the lucky
Granite School District.

Robin told me that she was teaching a class to her 4th graders that was being observed by several members of the education department from the University of Utah including Deans. She asked if I would be willing to teach a class about Quilting using history, art, design, tools, and business. I was glad to help. They day came and I had been very excited and had prepared what I thought the children would enjoy. They Skyped me and the children began asking me their questions. Here are some of the props I used:

My backdrop was a quilt-top I recently
finished called a 'Coin-Drop' made from
scraps of quilts that I made for my daughters.

I had my latest creation sitting on the
desk next to me. I made this for the
people who own Glamour Pets- where
Cami works. Becky's favorite color is Purple.

I also had a picture of my Grandmother
Rosina Nelson Mertz who inspires my quilt making.

I showed them a regular ruler and then
showed them some of the rulers we use in
quilting. As well as other tools.

I showed the children a pic of 'naughty
Harley' and showed them that I made this
quilt using Harley as inspiration. Then
gave it to Mason.

Marilyn, my Dad, and our cousins from Belgium Eddy & Vera.
They came here for their summer vacation to see Dad and our family.

Ward Campout at Lake Lewisville.

That little 'dot' in the water is Jered. 
Everyone else got out. But Jered LOVES
the water and was the last one out. 
I enjoyed watching him.
The evening was gorgeous.

Quilt Country has a garage sale once a
year for the employee's of the shop. They
purge some of their fabric stash. I added
greatly to my stash. So I brought it home
and went into organize over-drive.

I got designer bundles for about $3. a yard.
Oh yeah...doing the happy dance.

As most quilters know, it is nearly impossible to have ideas
for a quilt and then just go out in a day and purchase ALL
the fabric one needs to make it. I have been 'gathering' retro
fabric to make a quilt that reminds me of my childhood. In
the QC garage sale I added 3 more wonderful retro pieces.

My work space, design studio, and heaven. I know
it doesn't LOOK it. But it is orgainzed. :) My way. 
Check out my window of light. I LOVE that window.

This is my newest project. This is called
a 'Dresdan Plate'.
It is a very OLD pattern
and reminds me very much of my Grandmother
that is why I chose it. I am using a fabric line
from Moda- called 'Ruby'. This is just a sneak
peak of this quilt. This is my summer project,
as well as finishing my Scripture quilt.
Stay tuned to this blog to see my Ruby Dresden blossom.
Each plate requires 20 seperate points. Fun times.

 Well, that is a little of our fun news. The girls are doing great in College. Cami got straight A's at PJC. and Cassi made straight A's with one B+ at BYUI, which she has agonized over. Not to worry...we are very proud of them. I love my life, it is rich and full and I get to share it with my DH (dear husband)...and you.

Write a comment- and tell me about your website, and current projects, or ones that you have finished. I would LOVE to see. I am nearly finished with my 'Mini-Quilt' series. I started by wanting to make one for each of the four seasons. Nope. I enjoyed it too much. So, I changed my goal to make one for each month. Changing one's mind is the prerogative of every woman, and quilter.  This includes making more than one quilt sometimes so I can gift them to my sweet family members. I've made about 20+. I still am looking for just the right Valentines Mini. Hmmmm. Always a creative process going on in this brain.

Have a great week.


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  1. I have been to Quilt Country - a long time ago. I usually shop at quilt stores in Arlington or Waxahachie! So, it looks like we live fairly close to each other! You got some great bargains! I am busy quilting one quilt from a class I took several years ago at Just Stitchin' in Cedar Hill (not in business any more). Also, unquilting a section on another quilt and will finish quilting it soon for the Ellis County Quilt Show in Midlothian.