Thursday, February 9, 2012

14th of Dec. Picking up our Missionary...FINALLY! :)

Well, indeed our daughter Sister Dodge came home from the Raleigh North Carolina Mission on Dec 14th. We'd planned our morning and was thwarted by a frenzied call from Ulta (Cassi's workplace) saying they needed her ASAP and so with a promise that they'd let her go by 12:30...she left. But not without getting a little teary first.

We had to wait for Cassi to get off work before heading to the airport. Kristi's flight was to arrive at 12:50pm. I was so nervous. I just wanted to get there. Like...GO! When we got to the terminal we were able to get an excellent parking place right near the baggage claim area. So in we ran, to wait....
Jered standing by the revolving doors
determined to be the first to get a hug.

Cassi told me to not worry about getting video, or pictures, that she would do all the recording of her arrival. I have been waiting for her to forward me those pictures, but so far all I've gotten is... a wait. LOL. So I am going ahead with my blog and showing you the pics I took of Kristi's with Jered & Cassi. comes Sister Dodge!
Home again, home again, fiddle-dee-dee!

Kristi marveling about Jered's growth!

Cassi sharing the love. There were tears.

She wore a red shirt because it's my favorite
color. Her humor is very much in tact.

Laughing at Daddy. It was wonderful!

The carriers of the bags. Two medium
size bags that aren't even bulging at the
seams. That's because she had to leave
about 30lbs of it at the Mission Home. LOL

The ride home. I can't believe we've got her.

Straight to Anamia's for Tex-Mex!

Our Cassi-girl! She leaves in a couple
weeks to head back to BYUI. {Sniff sniff}

Seeing Alexa for the first time in a LONG time.

Sister Dodge & BFF Alexa Stucki

Waiting to see Stake Pres. Blake to be
officially released 14 Dec, 2011

Proud & Happy Daddy

Well I am trying to play catch up since so much has been happening since Kristi came home. So much more to come. So visit often. I cannot tell you how much I love having her home. My hubby & children are my favorite people on the planet. Not to say there aren't challenges, and hitches in our giddy-up...but aren't the whoopdy-doo's the funnest part of a rollar coaster? Love+work=Happiness.

Momma D

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