Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quilt Grasshopper!

I know I have mentioned before about my Quilting Guru, Lois Schauweker. She is the quilter extraordinaire. I cannot go to our Sit-N-Sew without learning something new, getting better at a technique, or filling my cup with the inspiration she oozes and offers so freely. Almost as if it's an extension of herself, but nothing new.

I brought home some wonderful ideas this month and with her encouragement I dug right in. I told my DH (dear husband) that I felt that if I went to Lois's home and learned all these cool things and didn't come home and put them into practice that I would be slothful, or unappreciative of her kindness and willingness to share her gifts and teach me. He immediately related it to a wrestling analogy (which is cool because we understand those at our house). He said, "It's like a wrestler that tells everyone he wrestles but doesn't come to practice to work hard, doesn't run at home, doesn't watch his diet, and basically does lip service to the coach. What kind of wrestler can become a great wrestler when he does that?" I looked at him and nodded politely and said, "Ummmm, exactly!" LOL!

I have been very busy this month working and I haven't blogged much about my recent projects because I just cannot bring myself to blog about a gift before it is given. But these are for me & my family so I can show you a little of what I have been doing.

When I walked in to SNS she had a little metal stand with a miniature quilt hanging from it. It's kind of like a little fence where you hang your little 'quilt's' (I've ordered my 'stand' and will get it this Tuesday, then I'll show you). She had a daffodil quilt hanging from it that was about 12"x14". It was so cute! She then explained that she made one for each month for the 'shop' (she works at our local quilt shop and makes many of the demo quilts for upcoming classes, and also features lines of fabric to the customers). So she changes the little 'quilt' every month in her house. What an adorable idea, a personalized seasonal decoration to have in ones home. After much oohing and awing she showed it to me & helped me get started. Here are my first few quilts that I have finished.

Binding my 1st little mini quilt was fun.
These are done by machine and by hand.

My very first quilt in this project is 'September'
This picture doesn't show the
sashing very well, it is pumpkins.

My second is 'October'. I am sorry I
am so terrible with my photography. I
used my iphone and the light wasn't so great.
The colors in this are fabulous. The binding
is night sky purple. This pic doesn't do it justice.
I'll try to do better! :)

Working on my daffodils.

Coming together it's like a peanut M and M...
or a great book...once I start, I cannot stop.

My third one is for March.

My fourth is for August. It needs a little
cherry button on top of the ice cream but
I cannot find a cute one.

This little fella is actually the base fabric I
was going to use for my October quilt.
But- it was too busy & hid all the cool
features anyway. So I decided I need to
hand quilt around the scene to make it 'pop'.

Well, thats one of the things I have been working on. I know I'm not doing them exactly in order. I am doing the ones I loved the most first. Like- I HAD to do the daffodils and they are for the month of March (my Birthday month). Oh well- thats the cool thing about can do what you want. I'm ok with that. :)

Here is how far I am in organizing my fabric.
I have already used 250+ boards. :)

Love to you all. Come visit often. And me what YOU are working on.


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  1. Please come to Colorado and organize my material!! The quilts are really cute!