Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thoughts of Spring (poem) For my friends & family in UT (30)...TX (80)

Thoughts of Spring

Father winter has rung his bell,
but a fragrant springtime we want to smell.
Oh, how this cold nose longs to see
a slather if zinc to help protect me...
from rays of sun that warms to bone,
A sandy beach I'd love to roam.

For January has come and gone
with blast of snow instead of sun
we are ready..winter DEPART!
so anxious are we for nice weather to start
kids energetically play outside
windows thrown open fresh air to glide.

But inside I sit window staring
Compassion for tulips with ice sharing
hints of green were popping through
now cloaked in white an inch or two
I wander from draft of window sill
and hand to head...I may be ill.

~by~ Sandi Dodge

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