Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cassi sings in 181st General Conference- Sat Afternoon Session

Having Cassi sing in General Conference was so fun for us. I had butterflies in my stomach since yesterday when she told me she was going to be wearing a pink shirt. I said, "Oh my, Breast Cancer Awareness pink?" I'm sure my voice cracked a little. And Cassi said, "I didn't even really think of that." And I told her it would definitely remind me of my Mom, and that there would be a whole passel of family in heaven watching with smiles.

Today my nervous stomach was worse. In a fun way, of course. I knew my Dad and Marilyn were headed up to Temple Square to see her, (they live in Nephi about 1 and 1/2 hours South of SLC) and that brought me great comfort. I am so glad they could make it. It made me so happy knowing they were there in the audience to support her. They emailed me this picture of their vantage point in the Conference Center.

Dad and Marilyn had great seats. This was about 1:30pm.
so people were still taking their seats. Conference started at 2pm.

Cassi text'd me to say they had to do some rearranging and she was no longer on the isle but one person in from the isle. 

The BIG picture. That is one HUGE Conference Center.
It seats 21,000 people.

The Choir for the afternoon session was a combination of the top three choirs at BYU-Idaho. She was so excited when she found out they had been asked to sing in Conference.

Cassi sent me a text message from her seat as they waited for Conference to begin. And it said, "We are all totally bearing our testimonies when we sing. Keep that in mind when you hear us ok?" :) And I did keep it in mind...and I could feel it in my heart as well. The music was just beautiful.

Their first Hymn was, 'How Firm A Foundation'.

Their second hymn was,
'How Great the Wisdom and the Love'

For those of you who have grown up in Utah and live in the shadow of Conference, Temple Square and are neighbors with Apostles, and other General Authorities you may take it for granted a wee bit. But I assure you that this little girl from Texas was so excited to not only attend a live session of General Conference but to participate. What a great thrill for us all.

A wider view of the choir.
The closing hymn was one of Cassi's favorites,
'Let Zion In Her Beauty Rise'

I was sitting in the living room with Jerry and Jered and as soon as the camera caught sight of her my phone exploded with text's, emails, and calls from family and friends. It was so much fun. Thank you all who were so willing to share our joy today. :) Thank you so much.

After Conference my Dad and Marilyn waited for her and took her out to dinner for some Sushi which they all LOVE. :) And Grandpa knows the best places in Salt Lake City to go. Dad said they had a great time.

The messages of the day were so inspirational, and one cannot help listening and feeling the nudges from the Spirit telling you that you are doing well on some areas of your life, and also where you need to repent, adjust your course, and do better. There is so much to do in the Kingdom but there are so many happy willing good souls to share the load and work along side. I'm so thankful.

Pres. Dieter F Uchtdorf, Pres. Henry B Eyring, Pres. Thomas S Monson

If you missed any or part of General Conference and want to see it you may visit:

This has been a good day. A REALLY good day. Don't forget... we get to watch Conference again tomorrow too, cool. Session 3 at 10am, and session 4 is at 2pm.

Hugs to you all

~Momma Dodge

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