Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time for friends and sewing. BOM

BOM= Block of the Month. I have posted before about our Sit N Sew group but I will bring you up-to-date periodically on what I am working on. We decided last year that we would dedicate the majority of our time together in 2011 to a project that is an Old Testment quilt. I anticipated this project like a child waits for Christmas morning. I dreamed about how much fun it would be to pick the fabric. So the creative process started for me long before January.

In January our block was the creation:

I know you cannot see it very well but there
are elements of sewing, applique, and embroidery.

One of my very favorite things to do is choose the material and colors.

Just the greens. :)

I have also already made some modifications to the quotations, as the person who made this pattern was not of our faith and though her quotes were cute...they lacked something in accuracy so I have changed a few scripture references. Which is one thing I LOVE about quilting. Although we are all making the same quilt pattern we are completely free to change things and make them uniquely our own. You should see how differently wonderful all the blocks are turning out. Mine won't be as much of an 'Old Testament' quilt as it will be a 'Scripture' quilt since in February I added a scripture from the Book of Mormon regarding the Tree of Life.

Check out the fabric Lois had that looks like wood.
Isn't it great? You can see that I have marked the
block for embroidery. It is finished now though.

Here's Lois working away on her new Bernina.
She is my quilting mentor.
Don't ask me what she is doing with her hand.
It must be some new technique. LOL

There is my friend Blanca (L) who came along with me.
And Janet is busy tracing patterns for her applique.

This month (March) our block is Noah and the Ark. I have been shopping for cute animal print fabric everywhere in town and have found some amazing fat quarters. I cannot WAIT. The February block was only 5 applique pieces. But this month the Noah block has probably 20+ pieces. So we will have our work cut out for us. Bahaha- Little pun there. 

Guess who bought Lois's old Bernina? Hmmmm...
Happy Birthday to me. :)

Life is SEW fine.


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