Sunday, February 27, 2011

How is Cassi?

I LOVE my friends and family who always ask about my kids. I do a blog for my Missionary (Kristi) and so I don't post that much here because you can read about what she is doing at 

I will write a little more about Cassi and Jered. Cami lives and works away from home so I don't have as much news or as many pictures of her. But, she is so loved and I will share what I can.

Today at church I must have had a dozen people (not less) ask about how Cassi is doing and how she is liking BYU-Idaho. So I will share some of the things she has been up to lately.

Cassi's apartment Complex. It used to be Married
Student housing but they just built new apartments for
the married students and renovated these to become
full 'cooking' dorms. They are really nice and clean.

Cassi and Adrienne (from LA).
Sharing Texas Pride with her flag in the background.
The flag has been known to disappear and be displaced by the BOYS.

Cassi cooks Tex-Mex for everyone.
Chicken enchaladas, quacamole & home-made salsa.
Check out the kitchen in their dorm.
Yup, thats a dishwasher. Times have changed!

Time to test the fare.
(from bottom left clockwise)
Lindsey P, Cassi, Erica J, Adrienne W, Meagan J,
 Ashleigh (standing), Curtis H, Spencer, and Jared W.

Going to Church with her roomie, Hannah Minkler (from CO).

There is a webcam in the testing center so she txt'd me
and told me to log-on and waive to her. She is in the
white sweat-shirt. LOL!

Road Trips to see TX besties at BYU-Provo.
Watching movies OUTSIDE snuggled with Buds-
Jannae Haug, ?, Cassi, Robin Pratt, & Debbie Horikami

Being silly at school with Kelly Stanley (from Wisc). 

That's how our sweetheart Cassi is doing? GREAT!

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