Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's MOVE!

Don't panic! Read. ;)

2012 was a year of many changes. I am a home body who likes things neat, organized, with minimal changes. I'm convinced that is why the Lord saw fit to give me the children He did. They help push, pull, poke, and prod me into action just by their wonerful lives. Like the time Kristi invited 50 guests to a sit-down Christmas dinner in our home. Not one to leave anyone out...15 turned into 50. I would have rather put on my flannel Jammies and snuggled up to the Mr. with a good book on my iPad in his 'man-cave' as he watches the latest amatuer wrestling matches he's got on the DVR. Alas, and thank the good Lord that we have children who make us stretch. I would have missed a party I still think about from time to time as one of the best Christmas parties we've ever hosted.

Kristi started a new job in Irving, TX in October for a great company. That brought about a new car, and a move to downtown Dallas in November. I am a mother hen at heart and would like my little chick-a-dees all tucked nice and safe under my proverbial wings. But my kids are go-getters, and I know by their divine natures that they belong to God and must go forth so their lights might shine forth unto a darkened world. I must have faith. :) And find joy in their adventures.

Anyway- Kristi moving to Dallas:

Thank goodness for friends, singers all,
from Carrollton 4th, and Dad.

Great helpers- her room...2nd floor, of course.

Loading her car (orange shirt) & Dad's truck.

Leaving the nest...again. ;) Notice Jered had already
begun pulling out Christmas lights to untangle and put up.

And now to my point- As she vacated, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and melancholy so I went up to look at her empty room...when, what did I discover....REALLY discover?! The largest room in the upstairs was virutally EMPTY!

There was a heavy wooden desk and a chair.
That's it!

A nearly empty closet. Heaven!
Doin' the Steve Martin happy dance.

 Then I spied someone who'd help me...
"Let's MOVE my sewing room!"

First- we built 2 new shelves. Oh boy!
Let's face it...I delegated...she built.
Best bookcase builder ever, at a fair price. FREE!

Then we started moving my mini-bolts.
Nope- this isn't all of them.

Next was moving tables, and Betty.
(Yes, Betty Bernina)
Her spot was saved for right in front
of the beautiful window where there's lots of
glorious sunshine. My old eyes are fond of light.

This picture is taken from the doorway.
Look at all that ROOM!

'Sally Serger' got the desk.
Look at the space on the floor to lay-out quilts.
And the wall space for a design wall.
(That's next.)

Much more has been done since I took these pictures. The closet has been filling up as I find homes for projects that found their way to different destinations in the house. I have a TBF (to be finished) list that I have already started finishing projects on it. Remarkably, there are only 6 on the list. I thought there would be many more. I love my new space. And Jered has taken up residency in the smaller bedroom. He likes the room as it has the biggest window and, "It's cozy." So everyone is happy. My thanks and appreciation go out to my Bud and partner, Cassi, for helping her Momma, and making me laugh during a tender time.

It's funny as children leave the wonders what on earth you'll do without them. Well.....

Momma D

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