Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scripture Quilt Update

A couple of months ago when my Sisters-in-law were here for a family event. I scheduled a little 'Field Trip' for them to go down to Lois's so they could meet her and see some of her projects and amazing quits.

Linda, Lois, Dolores, & Pauline.
Checking out Lois's Long Arm sewing machine.

Demonstrating Lois's new Bernina. Fun!

I was excited to share such a special place, and friend. All my Sisters-in-law are very talented women with a needle and thread so I knew they would enjoy a trip to Lois's.

Our 'Sit-N-Sew' group meets once a month (sometimes twice) and this year we are doing a 'Scripture Quilt'. I first laid eyes on it a couple of years ago when my dear friend Janet took me on my first 'Field Trip' to Lois's. It was as if every cell in my body jumped for joy when I saw this beautiful quilt. It was SO beautiful I actually got verklempt. LOL. Wow, if only. But, as I looked closer at it I dismissed in my mind making it because of the level of difficulty, and the amount of work involved. I am an amateur quilter at best. Then in the fall of last year when our group was deciding if we should do a quilt project together...that inner quilter in me piped up that I would vote to do the Scripture Quilt. I heard it come out of my mouth...but I was exillerated, and scared at the same time. COULD I? And since it is just one of those once-in-a-lifetime quilt opportunities....we all decided thats the one we'd like to do. Let me just say, that NONE of it would be possible without Lois. Teaching, guiding, preparing, hosting, sewing, ironing, and even letting us use her vast stash of fabric to pull from. I know, what a deal right? Thank you Lois.

So since a few of my family and friends know I have been working on it since January they have been asking how things are going. I posted earlier in my blog (see older posts) about the first block or two. But here are the January- May blocks that I have finished.


The creation of the world.

The Tree of Life

Noah and the Ark

Tower of Babel

Jacob's Ladder

I have learned so many things from making this quilt.

1- Doing a project above your expertise makes you stretch in ways that are so fulfilling. I am my own worst judge.

2- This is MY quilt. Even though there is a standard pattern, as soon as everyone is cut loose with fabric choices it becomes uniquely theirs and beautiful. No-one's is like mine, although there are threads of similarity that are alike. I LOVE the beauty of that. I cannot wait to show you theirs.

3- I found the scripture reference and 'sayings' on the original pattern not to my liking. (I know...I'm a tad picky) So I have been making my square and reading my scriptures about the square story I am doing, and THEN I choose my own scripture reference and saying. It may, or may not be the same as anyone else. But it has provided me with a lot of reading, thought, conversations with my hubby, and satisfaction. I can't wait to see what some of the other ladies choose.

4- I LOVE the creativity aspect of quilting. I actually go in the ZONE, and it is a place of peace, creativity and happiness. A place where time goes by quickly, and I look at my watch and say, 'Oh my goodness is that REALLY what time it is?' I feel that way when I am doing genealogy, photography, scrapbooking, and reading a great book. It's too bad there isn't more time to do all the things we'd like to do. Sometimes life has a way of SNAPPING us back to reality...say about 4:20pm when the front door opens. LOL! But that is a good thing too. :)

5- One of the reasons I bought Lois's old Bernina is because it does a 'blanket stitch' -or- 'button hole stitch' which allows me to go around the edges of applique. Lois has been helping me with that in the past.....ok basically doing it for me. LOL. I plunged forward in my learning process though, beginning with the 'Tower of Babel' square. I did the applique stitching myself. Now this month was the 'Jacob's Ladder' square which has many stars, BTW stars are VERY hard to do. I resisted the temptation...I almost called Lois (at least) 10 times to ask for help, tips, and pointers. But I knew the best thing to DO. I love it! Because I can look at my block and see which star I did 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on...LOL! I can see myself getting better as I went. This block will always be special to me because it made me stretch. :) Until next time...

Happy quilting!



  1. What a great inspiration! That is going to be a fantastic quilt and and even more fantastic memory.

    You are lucky to get to hang out with Lois. My MIL and her are friends also, so I get to see her from time to time and I am always in awe of what she is doing.

  2. Hi A.J. Dub,
    I am glad you found my blog. How did you find my blog? I hope you don't mind me asking. I think it's great and want to say, welcome. Have you seen Lois's latest project? It is an applique quilt that is trully remarkable. Most people even the most seasoned quilters would never even attempt it. It must have a thousand pieces. Please visit my blog often I intend on posting updates as often as I can with the progress of this Scripture Quilt. ~Sandi