Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texas Gardener (poem)

Texas Gardener

Texas gardening has been my bane,
Oft I wonder if my efforts vain.
To till and kneel, and ready earth,
and coax a seed to begin new birth.

I read and study how best to sow,
and coach those seedlings to begin to grow
Remembering failures of the years past
Concerned for where the sun will cast.

Too much moisture or not enough,
Pinching back wither seems too rough.
Checking progress every day,
Spying new growth we shout, hooray!

One sunny morning I looked to see
Horror of horrors, that’s NOT a bee!
It is, however, an ugly bug
Oh my word! It looks like a slug!

How dare it munch and dine on vine
Doesn’t it know these plants are mine?
Upon closer inspection aghast I see,
little black spots feasting on leaves.

Insects arrived and were uninvited
declaring war, my wrath's ignited!
So down the street to Lowe’s I go,
pesticides to purchase, to spray my rows.

The lady at Lowe’s said, "It’s $40.03."
I said, “For poison, are you kidding me?"
These tomatoes must start looking better,
I could have purchased a cashmere sweater!

With all the soil, seed, and the spray,
I am thinking there must be a much better way.
Spending too much isn't too smart
If veggies are cheaper down at Walmart.

But, I'll walk the path with leisure beat,
and tend my plants from Texas heat
Leaves that wither from the vine
don't appreciate this humid clime.

When fall arrives far too soon
filled canning jars will be my boon.
Thankful for their smell and taste
preserving means there'll be no waste

With bright red fruit on the platter laid
I’ll let you know when salad’s made
And call my family to gather near,
Sharing the stories they'll want to hear.

Like Jered wanting to water the plants
And always managing to soak his pants.
Wanting drinks from spraying hose,
giggles of laughter, and water up nose.

I pray we’re blessed with bumper crops
Then over to neighbors my veggies I’ll drop.
When growing season has come to end
Next years garden I’ll plan again.

by- ~Sandi Dodge~

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