Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cassi and her Roommates

Lyndsey (Burley ID), Hannah (CO), Cassi (TX), Ashley (MO)

 The girls ready for their first night on the town.
Look-out Rexburg!

These are darling, brilliant, good girls. They bonded and took to each other right away. They are in a four-girl cooking dorm. So the apartments are bigger than regular dorms and have two girls per bedroom. Cassi's actual roommate is Hannah.

It was fun for me to be there to help her get situated but she didn't need much help. I realize that was more for me than her. We shopped alot since we flew and most of the stuff she took was clothes. There was much to buy. She was beyond ready to spread her wings and fly. But I'll admit the drive back to the airport in Idaho Falls was l-o-n-e-l-y.

When I tell her I miss her beautiful face... she'll text me a pic. She's the BEST!

Cassi auditioned and made the BYUI Women's Choir and they will be singing in the April General Conference in Salt Lake City. She is very excited about that. So watch for her. She has already sung in three shows at BYUI. Her Grandpa has asked her to sing at his and Marilyn's wedding. Thats quite an honor for her. You can see her sing if you go to YouTube and search 2010 Texas All State Choir. She was first chair alto.

Cassi is only one of a few girls in her chemistry class. She's a little perplexed by the lack of females in her science classes. After the professor put fear of failure into his students the first week of chemistry her partner was surprised by her return on Monday morning. He said, "Whoa your still here?" and she said, "Wow, I was just going to say the same thing to you!" He dropped the class and she now has a new partner. LOL. Though gifted musically she wants to be a Dr.

She has not complained about the cold or snow. This seems to bother everyone but Cassi. She has had a few moments of missing Texas (and her car) but lets us know the day or two after the episode not during, which I admire as she pushes through these little bouts of homesickness.

Lyndsey P

We took her to the Orthodontist while I was there and she goes in tomorrow to have all the molds made and spacers put in. Then she gets braces on Feb 7th (after Grandpa's wedding). :)

Funny story: At home I make a tuna noodle casserole we call 'Goulash' and Cassi told me that she can only hack it once every six months. But she told me last week she'd already eaten it three times. LOL. She was hitting the 'yuck' factor. Time to use her Mac to search for a few recipes. LOL.

Well, writing about my sweetie is not just informational but, alas, it is also theraputic for a Momma who misses another one of her darling girls. I'm counting down till we get to see each other for a couple of days in Feb at Grandpa's Wedding. Yay!

The Rexburg Temple

~Momma Dodge

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