Friday, December 31, 2010

Rexburg or Bust!

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope y'all did too. It went by too quickly. But with looking forward to Kristi's Birthday, Christmas, Kristi's phone call home, Jered's Birthday, and getting Cassi ready to move across the country it's been wild. It's the first year in a while I didn't put any Christmas cards out. :( I LOVE getting your cards and letters...I am always amazed at the growth of the young-uns, and the moves, and the changes that happen in one year. It's amazin'. I know, I will repent.

Christmas decorations and the tree came down Monday and Tuesday, Dec 27th & 28th. I have a 9' tree and wanted the help of my kids to un-decorate everything. With Cassi leaving and Jered back in school when I get home...I cracked the whip and said, "Now's the time folks!" I think the house looks lonesome when all the Christmas decorations are packed away again. Christmas things make everything look so warm, festive, and happy when they're up. Also, red's my favorite makes me happy.

Yes, I am flying out to Idaho with Cassi to get her all situated. I 'HAVE' to go. LOL! ;) It has been so difficult this time. I mean- My tears are right there beneath the surface. Just the mention of her leaving and I'm all blahhhhh! LOL! I love that she's going, she's ready, and I know she's going to do well...and have a blast...and blah blah blah I'm going to miss her terribly. I keep it to myself pretty well. Except-

I opened Cassi's Christmas present, which was a webcam for the gigantic monitor in my office, and she set it up for me and created a Skype account for me. Then she ran upstairs to her room and grabbed her laptop and called me. Well, as soon as I saw her face so clearly on my screen...I was a PUDDLE! We had not finished installing the software for the microphone yet and so she was like..."I can't hear you. Mom, are you crying? Mom, whats wrong? DAD! Somethings wrong, Moms CRYING!" so I see her face wobble wobble wobble as she runs down the stairs and into my office and all I could bawl-out to them all was,"!" Blaahhhhhh! So yeah, I am convinced Skype was invented just for me. So I can see my munchkin's beautiful face from time to time. (I promise NOT to call alot, she has to call me). That way I don't invade her collegiate space. LOL.

We leave at like 5:30am Sunday morning. Jerry wanted to make sure we flew into Idaho Falls during the day so we didn't have to try to drive to Rexburg during the night. We have a LOT of shopping to do. She has more clothes than should be legal for one person. So many things we have saved to buy when we get there like her pots and pans, and a printer, etc. I also have made an appointment for the Orthodontist for she is getting braces. They probably won't actually go on while I am there. So I am thankful for Skype so I can see her cute smile with braces in the coming weeks. :)

I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father allowed Skype technology for such a time as this. I'm grateful.

~Momma Dodge

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